7 Benefits of Call Tracking for your Business

For modern businesses, it’s very important to correctly and effectively set up and optimize your marketing campaigns both online and offline. These campaigns directly affect your sales numbers and cannot be overlooked.

7 Benefits of Call Tracking for your Business

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If a user leaves a request on your site or makes an online purchase, you can easily determine the advertising source from which they came. But what if the client only contacts you through a phone number, how do you determine the advertising source that led to the call? This is where call tracking comes in, providing analytics on incoming calls and their exact advertising sources.

What is call tracking and how does it work?

Call tracking is a cloud-based software that records information about incoming phone calls.

Data tracked by call tracking includes:

  • The origin of the calls
  • The number that has been called
  • The geographical location of the caller
  • The phone call recording
  • The marketing medium
  • The landing page
  • The device type
  • The UTM parameters

By evaluating all of these parameters, you can determine exactly which advertising campaign, piece of creative, or keyword generated the most calls or conversions to your company.

The principle of call tracking is quite simple. For every marketing campaign, whether online or offline, call tracking assigns a unique ‘tracking’ phone number. When someone calls any of these tracking numbers, the call is then forwarded to your primary work phone number.

Your sales team uses a primary business number to answer every call it receives. Ultimately, a call tracking system allows you to gain valuable insights into your marketing campaigns, in addition to effectively answering customer calls.

With these analytics, you will be able to determine which advertising campaigns are most effective, whether it be TV ads, billboards, website ads, or another source. Using this data, you can either revise your marketing plan or eliminate ineffective ads to avoid unnecessary marketing costs.

Without further ado, here are the 7 benefits of call tracking:

1. Effective lead generation and conversion

The ultimate goal of call tracking is to generate leads and increase sales conversions. Call tracking allows you to determine the exact source of every call.

Ultimately, this will help you evaluate the results of your marketing campaigns and help you revise and refine them as needed.

2. Helps promote effective ads and eliminate ineffective ads.

Another benefit of call tracking is that it allows you to promote high-performing ads and campaigns while excluding low-performing ones. You can pinpoint which ads are working as expected, and which aren’t.

This information will be critical in deciding whether to proceed with a particular advertising campaign. You can save resources and money by terminating or stopping inefficient advertising campaigns.

3. Optimizes contextual advertising in Google Ads

Contextual advertising in Google Ads can be a major part of your digital marketing budget. Call tracking will help you evaluate which ads bring in the most customers, and the most purchases. Call tracking will also help identify effective Google search queries.

This data will ultimately help you improve your ROI by refining your Google listings based on real-time marketing metrics.

4. Provides a better understanding of ad campaign data

It is very important to know which marketing campaigns are effective. Not only will this help you navigate your strategy, but it will also help you map out subsequent campaigns. By using call tracking software, you can successfully access various info such as call source, caller geographic location, the phone call recording, advertising channel, landing page, UTM parameters, and device type.

The more data you have, the more effectively you will be able to plan your digital campaigns. In addition, with a better understanding of campaign performance, you can better address customer needs, as well as staff training requirements.

5. Helps track ROI

Tracking the ROI of each marketing campaign is an important component of the campaign itself. Spending $3,000 on a campaign that only generates $1,000 in revenue is neither a viable nor desirable strategy. Fortunately, call tracking allows you to track a precise ROI.

If you provide customer service 24/7, it can be an extremely expensive undertaking. However, using call tracking, you can easily track missed calls and contact or target those customers during business hours.

6. Improving the quality of your customer service

Your customers are the key aspect of your business. All your marketing activities are aimed at pleasing customers and providing them with the best products and services. By providing a dedicated customer service phone number, you have already improved your customer experience.

In addition, with call tracking, you will have access to valuable customer information, such as the purpose of the call, the source of the client, etc. This information will help you develop a specific strategy targeted at a specific customer group to maximize your customer experience.

7. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your management team

The benefits of call tracking are not limited to advertising and customers. Call tracking is also useful for your team. Call tracking allows you to track the performance of an entire team or an individual manager, and allows you to determine how well they are doing at their job.

Using this knowledge, you can change their responsibilities, roles, and plan their training. In addition, you can also identify areas that need improvement. For example, customer targeting, retargeting, retention, churn reduction, after-sales services, and so on.


Call tracking is an important tool to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Call tracking provides many benefits, from tracking ROI, to improving lead generation and conversions, to gaining a better understanding of marketing campaigns. Call tracking will always put you one step ahead of your competitors and ensure you only run ads that make you money!

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