Which Businesses Can Benefit the Most from Analyzing Their Incoming Calls?

In the age of the Internet, where any product or service can be ordered online, phone calls to businesses are more important than ever. Therefore, call analytics have become an indispensable tool.

Which Businesses Can Benefit the Most from Analyzing Their Incoming Calls?

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Marketing campaigns around the world use call tracking from CallGear to improve their performance and better understand their customers. We want to share our experiences and tell you which businesses most often need call analytics.

Not every business needs virtual telephony and call analytics. For a small diner or souvenir shop, advanced telephony is not needed. Many of these businesses are not investing much in online advertising and do not receive a vast amount of phone calls from customers. But for most companies, communication with customers is heavily dependent on phone calls.

Here are the top 4 reasons people call businesses even when they can order online:

1. Better understanding of a product: If the product is “complex” or has many parameters, there is a natural desire to learn about it in detail.

2. Price: The more expensive the product, the more hesitation from a buyer, and the more likely they are to call a company for an explanation.

3. Making sure a company is reliable: Communication with a real person is a factor of trust. After talking with a manager on the phone, it is much more likely that you will receive the goods on time or are guaranteed to book a table in a restaurant.

4. Check stock availability, current price and delivery terms: Only by phone can you get a specific offer with an individual calculation of the cost. This function is sometimes available on websites, but often the final calculation is difficult to automate without a phone call.

The company advertises, the buyer follows it to the site and calls. Call tracking helps to determine how effectively this works. More about this is described in the article ‘What is Call Tracking?’

Without further ado, here are the top 7 businesses that can benefit the most from call tracking:

Real Estate

Real estate transactions usually involve larger checks, so trust with a company is very important here. Buyers first want to talk to an agent on the phone and clarify all of their questions and concerns.

The real estate industry is a highly competitive market and a lot of money is spent on advertising. Therefore, understanding which marketing campaigns, call processes, and employee performance are extremely important. This is where call analytics come in.

In real estate, every customer call is important and expensive. Telephony and call tracking help to control how managers process calls, how many of them are missed, how quickly they pick up the phone, which scripts work the best, and which ad source these calls come from. Is Facebook the best? Google? Billboards? There’s only one way to find out!

Online shopping

Local online stores of small and medium-sized businesses cannot always maintain the most up-to-date information on the availability of various products, details and other features. Information may be updated slowly, features may not be detailed enough, or delivery information may not be available. Therefore, many customers prefer to immediately call and find out all these conditions on their own.

There are also online stores that work in a niche field or sell specific products like exclusive furniture or wedding dresses. In this case, their website acts more like a gallery of goods, and calls can help buyers make a more informed choice.


If you urgently need medical care, then the best way is to call and make an appointment. In the field of health, specific issues often arise. You need to describe the symptoms, consult a doctor or get advice by phone. And whenever there is an individual approach, communication by phone is always required.

It’s also important for clinics to control the quality of service over the phone. If we are talking about clinics in the field of beauty or plastic surgery, then the client should receive detailed information about the services, and find out about alternative or additional procedures. Therefore, the marketer listens to calls to better understand the needs of the target audience and ensures that consultants give full advice, and ask the right questions to customers.

Legal services and insurance

When it comes to concluding the most important deals in life, you need personal guarantees and human contact. In such matters, people do not rely on information from websites, but prefer to get advice by phone to find out specific costs and conditions.

Construction Materials

The construction industry is a niche market where personal communication is welcome. It’s very important to clarify the availability, quantity, assortment, terms and conditions for the supply of materials and other parameters important for construction. Ordering building materials often requires the advice of an expert who knows the product well. The manager will tell you which material or raw material is better, and determine how much will be needed. Only with a real person on the phone can you bargain when buying wholesale volumes. By analyzing calls, such companies can significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition.


In the field of education, language learning, and business training, there is a lot of competition and a high cost of attracting a client. It is also important to accurately determine the most effective promotion channels and test different marketing campaigns and ads. As with any competitive industry, you need to control the processing of your calls, not only at the time of sale, but afterwards, with proper customer support. When clients spend money, time and effort on courses, they want to hear detailed answers to their questions and get the attention they deserve.

Domestic services

When repairing an apartment or house or ordering cleaning services, customers want to choose a reliable company. Therefore, companies in this field need to constantly test different advertising platforms and ads in order to inspire maximum confidence in customers. When ordering such services, customers always call and specify the cost, scope of work, and the time the service provider will arrive at the predetermined location.


More and more travel companies, beauty salons, food delivery services and many other types of businesses are implementing call analytics today. For any business that runs ads and receives phone calls, call tracking services bring major benefits!

With call tracking you can:

  • Determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Understand which campaigns and ads lead to calls and applications, and which do not.
  • Improve your quality of service. Call tracking allows you to listen to audio recordings of conversations and analyze how each manager handles calls. You can test new conversation scenarios and discover which work best.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs. Knowing which advertisements, ads, and keywords bring in the most calls, you can invest only in the marketing campaigns with the highest performance. Disable ineffective advertising and test new customer acquisition channels.
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