What is Call Tracking? How Can it Help You Improve Your Marketing Campaigns?

More than 70% of people use phone calls as their preferred method of communication when contacting a business, so it’s important for companies to know exactly which ads are triggering the most phone calls and resulting in the most conversions.

What is Call Tracking? How Can it Help You Improve Your Marketing Campaigns?

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With call tracking you can:

  • Track calls from both online and offline advertising sources
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing channels
  • Optimize your advertising budget
  • Improve the work of your managers and call centers
Virtual business phone system without hardware

Call tracking is a technology that identifies which advertising sources phone calls are coming from. By analyzing incoming calls from online and offline advertising channels, you can optimize the highest performing channels, and receive more calls without increasing your advertising budget.

Call tracking can be static or dynamic. The system allows you to track the sources of all calls to your company that customers make. You can then analyze every ad, phone call, and piece of the customer journey to discover the most effective path for closing deals.

Static Call Tracking

Static Call Tracking Static Call Tracking

Static call tracking is when you link one phone number directly to one advertising source. This is done when there’s no link to your website. Static tracking sources include:

  • Outdoor ads like banners and billboards
  • Display ads like television and radio advertising
  • Booklets and business cards at exhibitions and conferences
  • Social media ads
  • Google map ads

Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking Dynamic Call Tracking

With dynamic tracking, each visitor to your website sees their own unique phone number, which is reported when they call, along with all the data about their visit and journey. Such analytics can be used for Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

How Does Dynamic Call Tracking Work?

When your company is connected to call tracking software, you’ll receive a pool of phone numbers that are dynamically switched out on your site depending on who visits and from where. When a user visits your site, a unique number is assigned to them, which allows you to associate a specific user with an incoming call from a particular advertisement or source, such as a business card or flier.

How do you measure success?

Here are some common metrics when using call tracking:

  • Business indicators: Call conversions and costs, transaction amounts and ROI per call.
  • Transition sources: Advertising platforms, campaigns, keywords, creative, etc.
  • Useful data: Geographics, operating systems, devices and browsers of the users.
  • New and old clients: Case studies and specific situations with clients.

Along with in-depth analytics of calls, there are many other useful features of virtual telephony that include:

  • Call Recording
  • Integrations: HubSpot, ZOHO CRM, AmoCRM, Bitrix24
  • Voice greeting, Interactive Voice Response
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Speech Analytics
  • 10+ more features


No matter where your customers start their journey, whether online or offline, if they end up calling your business, you need call tracking! Call tracking ensures that you effectively understand the success of every advertising source, helping you optimize your budget to only the highest performing marketing campaigns. What are you waiting for?

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