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Find out which ads trigger more inbound calls. Concentrate on those campaigns and get more phone calls from your marketing efforts.

Qualify Inbound Calls Coming from Advertising

Analyze phone calls with CallGear SpeechAnalytics, tag calls in seconds and increase your conversion rate from leads to prospects.

in Real-Time

Merge all communication tools into one with CallGear and get rid of the expensive services you don't need. Compile the data and report to your boss or client in real-time.

CallGear is an online service that shows you where your phone leads come from. With CallGear dashboards, you can monitor and report your performance in real-time.

We provide valuable information including: call duration, lead type, lead source, or even the reason the call was missed.

We aggregate all of this information and more, and display it in a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

Analyze each call and make changes to your marketing campaigns, sales pitches, or products or services accordingly.


  • Phone

  • Dynamic Number Insertion

  • Call

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Integrations

  • Call Log
    & Tags

  • Speech analytics

  • Web2call

Pick your local, toll-free or international numbers and start using them instantly. For local numbers, simply enter your area code and choose what works best for you. Or get a toll-free or international number upon request.


Have a dedicated phone line for each advertising source

Learn which one works best and stop investing in ineffective advertising

Dynamically swap phone numbers on your website to track each traffic source. CallGear quickly integrates call tracking into your website by attaching a unique phone number to each ad source, including: Google Ads, Organic Search, Yelp, Facebook, and many others.


Learn which online ads drive you more phone leads

Track your customers coming from GoogleAds down to an exact keyword

Understand which advertising sources bring you more phone leads

Reallocate your budget to effective ads and increase your marketing ROI

Find out which marketing campaigns or specific keywords drive more phone calls to your business. Assign unique phone numbers to track which online or offline ads drive the most calls. CallGear empowers your team with call recording, call forwarding, whisper and greeting messages, and many other features for in-depth call insights. Gain knowledge on your customers and optimize your marketing campaigns.


Understand where your phone leads are coming from, whether it's from email, newspaper, print, or any online advertisement

Invest only in the media channels, ads, keywords, and campaigns that drive the most calls to your business

Easy-to-use real-time reporting with dashboards that let you intuitively visualize your phone calls to see which marketing campaigns are giving you the best value. Overview and analyze call data by source, page, keyword, duration, and other various metrics.


Save time with real-time reporting

Get deeper insights into your phone lead generation

Overview the whole picture and compare performance

Start making data-driven marketing decisions

Integrate CallGear with your favorite platforms to get deeper insights into the whole customer journey. CallGear includes GoogleAds, Bing Ads and GoogleAnalytics native integrations and CRM integrations are available by request.


With GoogleAds integration, you can track your phone leads by campaign, ad group or keywords that led them to your website

GoogleAds integration also provides you an option to overview cost per call within your CallGear dashboards

With GoogleAnalytics integration you can overview the whole picture of your lead gen performance including inbound calls

CallGear CRM integrations enable you to see the missing pieces of data like ad sources in your CRM and improve the overall sales performance

With the CallGear call log, you can listen to any and all inbound calls and tag them as you see fit. Tags can include: purchase inquiries, spam calls, 'concerned customers,' 'target customers,' virtually anything that helps identify your conversations.


With call log, you can listen to the conversation in case you've missed something important

Use call log to improve your performance and conversion from marketing activities into deals

Use real-time tagging to mark important calls when on the phone

Tag spam calls and robocalls and block those phone numbers

Speech Analytics gives you a complete transcription of each phone call. You can search conversations by keywords to find out what customers are saying and gain call insights in no time.


Get deeper insights into conversations with customers

Get instant access to the information you discussed with your client

Search by keywords

Apply Web2Call to your website or any webpage. A callback widget will pop up and potential or returning clients can request a call back at a time that works for them.


Uncover new opportunities from clients that prefer to be contacted by manager

Save clients' time with Web2Call - this will drive more client interactions to your business

Convert your website visitors into leads, then clients

Increase conversions from website visits into conversations with your clients

Referral Program

Become a partner and start getting paid for referrals

 for each referral
 of referrals monthly bill

How it works?

When do I earn my commission?

Once your referrals sign up for a paid plan, you will earn a percentage of the deal, plus a one-time referral reward. The reward is granted 4 months after the referral's first payment.

How do I check my referrals?

You will receive an automatic notification once we onboard your referral and they become a paying customer.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to receive payments through Stripe or PayPal. All payments are processed on a monthly basis.

Are there any rules that apply to the program?

Yes. Please don't use paid ads to get referrals. Don't spam your friends. Keep it clean! Only use approved assets and images we provide you with.

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