Virtual PBX:
The perfect call management system

Sell more with the same phone traffic. Make sure your Sales Reps and Operators are result-oriented and motivated with clear KPI’s. Ensure that your Sales Plan is timely achieved and customers are happy with your service.

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Reconnect with your customers automatically if the call is missed

Increase conversions
from leads to sales

Control how your reps handle the calls

Don’t miss a single call because of the connection

Virtual PBX (VPBX) — is a call management system that provides telephone services via the internet (cloud) as opposed to physical machinery, and sufficiently reduces your telephone expenses. It helps your customers reach the right office, department, or employee, by routing the call flows quickly and efficiently.

VPBX makes the work of your employees transparent while increasing the number of successful conversations.

We’ll help you attract new customers

  • Distribute calls more efficiently throughout your sales department
  • View all metrics and KPIs conveniently in one window
  • Control sales scripts and soft skills to drive better results
  • Monitor sales reps' KPIs in real time

We’ll organize your current phone traffic

  • - Receive calls based on your most effective schedule and monitor employee workload
  • - View customer info before you talk
  • - Get notified about missed calls in real-time
  • - Analyze call recordings
  • - Optimize wait time and phone conversation time

Decades of experience. 100% Reliability.

We handle any call volume, without a dip in quality.

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