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CallGear is an online service that shows you where your phone leads come from.

The automotive industry in Dubai is very lucrative.
But the companies who are the most successful are the ones that market themselves the best, and retain loyal customers.
CallGear can help you do both.

Understand WHO your customer is

Once CallGear's call tracking software is implemented into your business, (takes less than 10 minutes to get started), you can instantly track data on all of your callers. Where are they calling from? What are they looking for? What are they willing to spend? With all of this information, you can organize your contacts and high quality leads in your easy-to-use CallGear dashboard and start learning who your target customer is.

Master the Marketing Game

By tracking customers down to their original call source, you can find out which advertisements are triggering the most inbound calls to your auto business. Is it online ads on Google or Facebook? Or maybe it's offline ads like billboards or newspaper sections. With virtual numbers, CallGear can tell you exactly which ads work, and which don't. Once you analyze this data and see the most effective campaigns, you can completely optimize your marketing budget and bring in more business.

Train The Perfect Staff

When you're able to understand who your customer is and which marketing sources perform best, you can begin to craft the perfect sales pitch. With CallGear's Speech Analytics tool, record, analyze, and transcribe your calls with customers. Find out which sales agents close the most deals, and how they do it. Retrain your staff accordingly, terminate those that aren’t up to par, and reshape the way your company talks to customers. Define the voice of your brand and begin making consistent sales.

Call Tracking Features

  • Phone

  • Dynamic Number Insertion

  • Call

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Integrations

  • Call Log
    & Tags

  • Speech analytics

  • Call Me Back Widget

Pick your local, toll-free or international numbers and start using them instantly. For local numbers, simply enter your area code and choose what works best for you. Or get a toll-free or an international one upon request.

Dynamically swap phone numbers on your website to track traffic source. CallGear quickly integrates call tracking into your website by attaching a unique phone number to each ad source, like GoogleAds, organic search, Yelp, Facebook, or many others.

Find out which marketing campaigns or even keywords drive more phone calls to you. Assign unique phone numbers to track which online or offline ads drive phone calls. CallGear empowers you with call recording, call forwarding, whisper and greeting messages and many other features for in-depth insights. Use them to gain knowledge and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Easy-to-Use real-time reporting with dashboard that lets you intuitively visualize your phone calls and see which marketing campaigns are giving you the best value. Overview and analyze call data by source, page, keyword, duration, and other metrics.

Integrate CallGear with your favorite platforms to get deeper insights into the whole customer journey. CallGear includes GoogleAds, Bing Ads and GoogleAnalytics native integrations and CRM integrations are available by request.

With calls log you can listen to all inbound calls and tag them as purchase inquiries, spam calls or any other way you need

SpeechAnalytics gives you a call transcription where you can search by keywords to get conversation insights quickly.

Apply Call Me Back Widget so your busy clients can request a callback at a time that works for them.

Easy integration with your favorite tools

Easy integration with Bing Ads account

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