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CallGear is an online service that shows where your phone leads come from

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There are many reasons real estate agencies in Dubai and the UAE miss out on potential business. CallGear's call management and tracking software proves that with the right tools, 'missing out on business,' is never a problem.

1. Record, Analyze, and Tag Phone Calls

Often times, real estate companies depend on their sales agents to close deals without a script, plan, or any prior background information on a caller. This results in inconsistent sales pitches, forgotten conversions and data, and ultimately, missing out on a lot of qualified leads due to a lack of preparation and organization.

With CallGear, every single inbound call will be recorded, analyzed for customer behavior/needs, tagged, and organized in your CallGear dashboard. If a customer called about the "blue house", CallGear software will tag that call with those keywords and place it with other callers requesting the same information.
You can also analyze these calls to discover which sales pitches, or sales agents, are the most efficient. Train the rest of your staff accordingly, and improve overall phone conversations and closings.

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2. Never 'Miss' a Call Again

How many times a day do you miss calls? Maybe you aren't in the office, or maybe you're getting too many calls to keep track of. Either way, that is business that you cannot get back. Luckily for you, CallGear stores, tracks, and even offers realtors the option of calling a customer back within minutes.

CallGear's call management software will not only redirect calls to your cell phone or home phone, but it can also provide a feature called Auto Callback, that allows you to connect with that nearly missed opportunity as soon as possible. Miss a call, grab your phone, and get that lead back. It may end up being a huge deal.

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3. Get Accurate Advertising Metrics

If you do not know WHERE your leads are coming from, or HOW they found you, you are leaving valuable information on the table, and large amounts of money are going to waste.

CallGear's call tracking software applies virtual numbers to every single advertisement you run both online and offline. All you have to do is jump into your easy-to-use CallGear dashboard, view your daily ad reports, and monitor how each ad is performing based on which is triggering the most phone calls. Once you have that information, eliminate the ads that aren't working, and invest in the ones that are. Know which advertisement brings YOU the most qualified leads.

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Call Tracking Features

  • Phone

  • Dynamic Number Insertion

  • Call

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Integrations

  • Call Log
    & Tags

  • Speech analytics

  • Call Me Back Widget

Pick your local, toll-free or international numbers and start using them instantly. For local numbers, simply enter your area code and choose what works best for you. Or get a toll-free or an international one upon request.

Dynamically swap phone numbers on your website to track traffic source. CallGear quickly integrates call tracking into your website by attaching a unique phone number to each ad source, like GoogleAds, organic search, Yelp, Facebook, or many others.

Find out which marketing campaigns or even keywords drive more phone calls to you. Assign unique phone numbers to track which online or offline ads drive phone calls. CallGear empowers you with call recording, call forwarding, whisper and greeting messages and many other features for in-depth insights. Use them to gain knowledge and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Easy-to-Use real-time reporting with dashboard that lets you intuitively visualize your phone calls and see which marketing campaigns are giving you the best value. Overview and analyze call data by source, page, keyword, duration, and other metrics.

Integrate CallGear with your favorite platforms to get deeper insights into the whole customer journey. CallGear includes GoogleAds, Bing Ads and GoogleAnalytics native integrations and CRM integrations are available by request.

With calls log you can listen to all inbound calls and tag them as purchase inquiries, spam calls or any other way you need

SpeechAnalytics gives you a call transcription where you can search by keywords to get conversation insights quickly.

Apply Call Me Back Widget so your busy clients can request a callback at a time that works for them.

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