Increase your visitor to lead conversion rate with our Auto CallBack widget

With our Auto CallBack widget, you get more customers without increasing your advertising budget.

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Auto CallBack on your website's request forms

Step 1

You connect our code to any pop-up form on your website

Step 2

The visitor fills in the fields you specified: name, phone, email and others

Step 3

A call is immediately made to your operator and your site visitor

Within 30 seconds, your representative will be on the phone with the lead!
+$99 set up fee
If need to track client's forms — our engineer will create a JS code that will collect the information from the client's forms once they are submitted

CallGear Call-to-Action Widgets


Widget that engages website visitors to request a free callback. Always visible on the website as a small icon.

Form generator

Pop-up window that engages website visitors to submit a form. Form fields can be customized to your needs.

Custom form generator

Pop-up window that engages website visitors to press the button (Ex., can lead to a promo page or download a document, etc).

Call generator

Pop-up window that engages website visitors to request a free callback.

Our experience shows that using a Call-Me-Back Widget increases the number of phone call leads by 10-20%

CallGear Call-to-Action Widgets Pricing

  • — Web2Call
  • — Call generator
  • — Form generator
  • — Custom form generator
  • — Client's form tracking
  • — Whisper message

I feel like our company is getting big box value with small business support.

Michael Lyjak | CEO, Efficiency Marketing Agency, LLC

I was sure that most of the calls came from Google Ads. It turned out that it was completely wrong!

Henri Hazougi | Owner & CEO of , Business Setup Consultants

Dynamic Number Insertion

In Dynamic Number Insertion (Dynamic Call Tracking), a specific visit to the site is linked to a specific call. This allows for detailed analytics down to a keyword or specific banner.

We call it dynamic because a pool of numbers are dynamically assigned to each unique user, then allocated to the channel at the time of the visit.

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