Get accurate call metrics from your entire team, both in-office & remote.

Make sure your employees are completing their tasks properly.

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Get accurate call metrics from your entire team, both in-office & remote. Get Demo

Benefits of using a Virtual PBX:

Find out how many calls (and minutes) each sales person makes per day.
Record and analyze every telephone conversation to assess the quality of your employees' work.
Use a single telephone service provider across every country you do business.

Webinar Virtual PBX.
Capitalize on your existing resources.

Virtual PBX (VPBX) is a call management system that works entirely over the Internet. The system does not require physical equipment, cabling, or onsite installation.

A Virtual PBX makes the work of your employees completely transparent, so your business can discover the most effective sales strategies and increase conversions.

A VPBX system can be connected in just a few hours!

What does VPBX include?

Call Recording

Record & analyze your conversations.

Use this analysis to better understand your customers & improve your service level.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Call Routing

The VPBX system allows you to set rules & scenarios for inbound calls.

Every inbound call will be routed to the right person in the right department.

Call Routing

Call Routing


Improve your call flow with our IVR system.

Greet your customers with a welcome message and direct them to the right department.



Outbound calls from your office phone, wherever you are.

Our system allows you to monitor your team no matter where they work.

Gain access in real time to an employee activity report in your account. Use this data to manage your workflow and improve your processes.

Outbound calls from your office phone, wherever you are.

Outbound calls from your office phone, wherever you are.

A ‘Local’ Global Presence.

Help international visitors get in touch with you by displaying a local number on your site.

This familiarity will help you convert more international visitors into customers.

A ‘Local’ Global Presence.

A ‘Local’ Global Presence.

And even more:

Calls Log & Data

Our calls log stores all necessary information about every single phone call. You will have real time access to important information.
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Calls Log & Data

Speech Analytics

This feature converts voice to text. Save time on conversation analysis by reading dialogue transcriptions.
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Speech Analytics

Real Time Notifications

Set up notifications for any events that affect business performance, whether it’s a missed call or a conversation with a VIP client.
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Real Time Notifications

and Reporting

Review activity reports on your employees. We will display important metrics in simple, easy-to-use dashboards.
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and Reporting

Call Queue

Don’t miss calls because all operators are busy. Put your customers in a queue and attend to them as soon as an operator is available.
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Call Queue

Greeting Message

Automatically greet an inbound caller and provide any information necessary before speaking to an operator.
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Greeting Message


Automatically exchange call data with your CRM.
We have integrations with the following systems:

Integrate with Hubspot
Integrate with Zoho
Integrate with Pepedrive
Integrate with AmoCrm
Integrate with Bitrix24

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Over the long history of our work, many companies in various industries have become our clients, including such from the Automotive as BMW, Volvo and Range Rover. We hope to become a reliable partner for your business as well.


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CallGear Virtual PBX – Your Efficient and Capable Automated Call Handler

When you are a small startup that is only trying to find its footing in this ever-evolving, highly competitive world, setting up an intricate phone system may rank rather low among your priorities. Customers are not many, budgets are scarce, and even an office isn’t necessarily present, so letting every member of your small team use their own device and phone number just makes more sense at the time.

However, as companies start to grow and evolve, attracting more customers and expanding their staff, the initial communications arrangements may prove to be inefficient. The need for an advanced and functional, yet affordable and manageable, phone system solution becomes more pressing.

That is usually when most business owners start looking into all the exciting opportunities a virtual pbx phone system can offer.

5 best virtual phone service features


First things first, a virtual pbx system is a sophisticated call management solution that offers multiple helpful communication features to its users. Its implementation does not require any hardware or bulky infrastructure as such systems operate via the Internet and can be all set up and ready to run within mere hours.

A virtual hosted pbx is a perfect solution for smaller organizations that cannot afford to invest in expensive hardware or hire qualified IT staff to operate it, but still want to stay always connected with their customers and sound professional on the phone. Here is how a well-rounded virtual ip pbx solution can help them do it:

Virtual phone numbers

This feature not only allows you to give your business a more professional appearance but also can simplify conducting ad campaigns and collecting invaluable marketing data. Toll-free and vanity numbers are eye-catching and easy to memorize, while local numbers inspire confidence and trust in your customers.

Another huge advantage of virtual phone numbers is that they can be easily assigned to specific ad campaigns and tracked to see how efficient and profitable an advertising channel is.

Multiple call management options


A good virtual pbx service will offer you many exciting features like call transfer and blocking, call parking, call waiting, and others. However, one of the most crucial functions of a hosted virtual pbx is call routing. With its help, you can determine the rules and scenarios that will enable inbound callers to always connect with the right person in your company.

Call recording


Only the most advanced virtual phone services offer this feature. It is an extremely helpful option when you need to record and save a call for future analysis or training purposes. In-depth revision of phone call transcripts can help enhance your customer service, increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams, refine your advertising strategies, and streamline your business processes.

This feature allows your business to sound more professional during the first interaction with the customer. It can be set up to greet callers with a friendly welcome message before they are forwarded to the right department or offered to take their pick from a menu with different options. Using an IVR, you can optimize how your employees’ time is spent and spare your callers the need to communicate with multiple in-betweens before they can reach the desired location within your company.

However advanced a virtual phone system is, it is no good if it does not play well with all other apps and solutions that you use daily. Easy and fast integration of your virtual pbx with your CRM, Google Analytics, or any SaaS products is essential for efficient business processes.

Why use CallGear virtual PBX solution?


All of the abovementioned features and more can be found in the virtual pbx voip solution by CallGear.  This capable call management tool allows effectively handling and organizing business calls from customers and makes the work of your employees across every department smooth and transparent.

Using the CallGear virtual PBX system, you record and analyze all conversations with your clients, improve your customer service, streamline your call flow, monitor the work of your sales managers, and make sure they are working hard to achieve their KPIs.