Digital Marketing Agencies – prove value to your clients with hard numbers

Satisfy your clients’ needs with the most efficient communication service. Collect accurate marketing data and increase your customer retention rate
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Digital Marketing Agencies – prove value to your clients with hard numbers

CallGear is a virtual business telephony with advanced marketing and sales solutions

Clients in the DMAs industry are
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The value we provide is unmatched
Transparent, scalable communication system

Transparent, scalable communication system

CallGear makes your call processes smooth and transparent. Get a 360-degree view of your business processes with our automated dashboards.

Your business can get a complete picture of all calls, both inbound from customers, and outbound from your agents.

How many calls are made per day? How many leads become deals? Which sales agents perform best? Know the answers to these and many other important questions.

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Get your clients up and running in 1 day

Get an irreplaceable business sales tool by linking your telephony and CRM into a single system.

Collect the entire history of communication with a client in a contact card. Get inbound call notifications and recall previous interactions quickly. Call clients directly from your CRM.

Use our open API if you need to exchange data with a highly specialized software.

One step ahead of competitors

In a highly lucrative industry, whoever reaches back out to a potential client first has the best chance to close the deal.

Our callback feature initiates a new outbound call to your customer as soon as the contact form on your website is filled out. They’ll receive a call in less than 30 seconds! Stop losing potential customers because no one is answering their inquiry on time.

Multi-channel attribution

Often, customers with completely different requests come from the same landing page. With CallGear, you can retrace the steps of each customer’s journey.

Learn exactly where your phone leads are coming from: Google, Facebook, a billboard next to your service, a magazine ad, whatever it is, learn, adjust, and grow.

Using this data, you can visualize the value of each marketing channel. Scale the ads that generate the most profit, and cut wasted spend on those that don’t.

CallGear Accounts for Digital Marketing Agencies

Customized accounts for agencies allows you to keep all of your clients’ data in one space. Conveniently interact with client groups and set up access rights between different employees within your agency.

Join the CallGear Affiliate Program

Connect and earn even more with CallGear’s Affiliate Program. Receive affiliate rewards from every client who ends up using a CallGear paid plan.

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