Fix any sales issue quickly
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Fix any sales issue quickly and efficiently

CallGear is a virtual business telephony with advanced marketing and sales solutions

The value we provide is unmatched
Transparent, scalable communication system

Transparent, scalable communication system

CallGear makes your call processes smooth and transparent. Get a 360-degree view of your business processes with our automated dashboards.

Your business can get a complete picture of all calls, both inbound from customers, and outbound from your agents.

How many calls are made per day? How many leads become deals? Which sales agents perform best? Know the answers to these and many other important questions.

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Easy integration with your CRM

Get an irreplaceable business sales tool by linking your telephony and CRM into a single system.

Collect the entire history of communication with a client in a contact card. Get inbound call notifications and recall previous interactions quickly. Call clients directly from your CRM.

Use our open API if you need to exchange data with a highly specialized software.

Detailed statistics of agent performances

Our clients usually have a lot of sales agents. To monitor their performance quickly, they need accurate easy-to-use reporting.

We provide all information about your phone calls in one window. View a clear picture of how many calls your agent makes, how much time they spend on the line, and how many incoming calls they miss. CallGear answers any question you have about your phone calls.

Moreover, you can set clear, measurable KPIs for your employees. With accurate call data, you can motivate your team and push them in the right direction.

Never miss a call again

Our clients usually have a lot of sales agents. To Automatically generate a callback for any missed call, at the appropriate time for both the business and the customer.

Customers appreciate the callback feature because it spares them the need to hold the line or re-dial.

Being able to quickly re-dial missed call means your potential customer will not have any time to change their mind and start looking for alternatives.

Excellent customer service

In a highly competitive market, it’s crucial to establish a personal relationship with your prospect.

The Responsible Agent Feature connects a potential client to the same employee every time they call. This not only builds trust, but ensures that the conversation keeps moving forward, picking up exactly where it left off the last time.

With CallGear, you can easily monitor the quality of communication between agents and clients. Track data and listen to call recordings to study both your employee’s and the customer’s behavior. Then, train your staff accordingly.

Smart calls distribution

Unfortunately, our clients sometimes encounter Automatically greet a caller, provide information, and suggest a further conversation scenario.

Customizable scenarios save time for both your business, and the caller and allow you to correctly distribute traffic to the right department or emloyee.

One step ahead of competitors

In a highly lucrative industry, whoever reaches back out to a potential client first has the best chance to close the deal.

Our callback feature initiates a new outbound call to your customer as soon as the contact form on your website is filled out. They’ll receive a call in less than 30 seconds! Stop losing potential customers because no one is answering their inquiry on time.

Additionally, you can learn important information about the client before the call even begins using Whisper Messages. Find out which ad reeled them in, and which product or service they are most interested in.

Have your agents prepared with a full view of the client’s needs, so that they can close the deal right away.

Eliminate workplace misconduct

Unfortunately, our clients sometimes encounter inappropriate behavior from their own employees, when agents make deals with clients outside of the business.

With CallGear you have call logs, call recordings and transparent call statistics of your aagent. It significantly reduces the risk of calling from personal device and unfair behavior.

In any controversial situation, you can listen to the recording of the conversation and determine exactly what happened, so you can make business decisions accordingly.

Have your agents prepared with a full view of the client’s needs, so that they can close the deal right away.

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