Greet every caller with the perfect automated voice message.

With voice greeting, a friendly IVR secretary will greet each lead or client, welcome them to the company, and direct them to the right department.

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Greet every caller with the perfect automated voice message. Get Demo

Voice greeting is a function that will allow you to automatically greet a caller, provide information, and suggest a further conversation scenario. This can be a request to wait for the first released operator, an IVR scenario with the ability to automatically route a call to the right employee or office, or simply a notification that all calls may be recorded for training purposes.

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First, you will hear the automated voice greeting, after which you will be taken to the IVR menu.

The Right Voice Greeting for You

  • Represent your company with a voice greeting that best fits your brand.
  • Create a greeting that is articulate, concise, and confident.
  • Use a well-composed, pleasant voice.
  • This will not contain any ads that deter your callers (unless this is something your area of business requires).

Effective Voice Greetings

"Simply Comfort Estate"

Simply Comfort Estate uses a polite, positive, and clear voice greeting to attract clients.

"Dubai Business"

The greeting from Dubai Business is polite and informative. They make the specialization of the company immediately clear.


CallGear. Simple and clear.

Alternative to the IVR Voice Menu

For most companies, the voice greeting may be sufficient.

But in case you’re looking for more, the voice menu is suitable for businesses with a complex structure and the need to distribute telephone traffic quickly and efficiently.

If most of your calls do not require special qualifications and can be processed by any employee, voice greeting will get the job done. If you need more, opt for a voice menu.

Alternative to the IVR Voice Menu

Alternative to the IVR Voice Menu

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