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Get a 360-degree view of your business processes

CallGear makes your call processes smooth and transparent. With real-time analytics, you can track call activity, service quality, and your agents' performance, to make smart data-driven decisions. Automated dashboards are an excellent solution to monitor and manage communications even better.

Get a 360-degree view of your business processes

Easily integrate your calling system with any service

CallGear can be easily integrated into your existing business tools such as your CRM, ad platforms or analytics systems. Integrations allow you to eliminate everyday routine work, boost team performance, and make sure your entire history of communication with a client is stored in one window.

Easily integrate your calling system with any service

Process calls on the go and be reachable even outside of business hours

CallGear is a completely cloud-based business phone solution. All you need is the internet to make and receive calls wherever you are in the world. Use any device: computer, laptop, tablet, VoIP phone or mobile phone. Receive calls on three devices at the same time.

Process calls on the go and be reachable even outside of business hours

Make the most of your website traffic

Analyze every incoming call and request to your business and effectively optimize your advertising budget. Store customer history and synchronize data within your CRM. CallGear minimizes human errors when processing requests using our automated notification tool and smart widgets.

Make the most of  your website traffic

From startups to established brands We gain your trust

We improved capturing client requests and complaints by 14% and reduced the number of lost calls by 23% within 90 days.
Moving leads and calls to Callgear gave management a peace of mind against any unethical practices.
Optimizing call scenarios and individual IVR system settings according to set schedules reduced the number of missed calls significantly.
We moved our call center to another country and reduced our communication bill by 30%.

We build the perfect solution for you Find a solution for your business

All-in-one business phone  solutions

All-in-one business phone

We are continuously looking beyond the interests of customers to deliver innovative solutions
An international team

An international

We speak multiple languages and work with a variety of clients from all over the world
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