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CallGear is an online service that shows you where your phone leads come from.

We'll show in our dashboards if a lead came from a print ad, an online ad or another source.


Phone Numbers

Pick your local or toll-free numbers and start using them instantly. For local numbers, simply enter your area code and choose what works best for you. Or get a toll-free number upon request.

Applying multiple phone numbers helps to understand your overall advertising performance. With this feature, Real Estate Agents can easily find out if direct mail or other offline campaigns are triggering inbound calls.

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Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamically swap phone numbers on your website to track each source of traffic. CallGear quickly integrates call tracking into your website by attaching a unique phone number to each ad source, including: Google Ads, organic search, Yelp, Facebook, and many others.

With Dynamic number insertion, digital marketing agencies can easily find out which online advertising efforts drive more phone leads, so that they can stop investing in the ad sources that don’t bring in inbound calls. With our Google Ads integration, users can track customers down to an exact keyword.

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Call Tracking

Find out which marketing campaigns or keywords drive more phone calls. Assign unique phone numbers to track which online or offline ads make your phone ring.

CallGear includes call recording, call forwarding, whisper and greeting messages and many other features for in-depth insights. Digital Marketing Agencies and digital marketers from industries like Travel & Hospitality or Real Estate use CallGear call tracking to understand their marketing performance and optimize their online and offline campaigns.

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Real Time Reporting

CallGear's easy-to-use real-time reporting lets you intuitively visualize your phone calls and see which marketing campaigns are most valuable to you.

With the click of a button, tag the marketing campaigns that generate the most calls, and tag the ones that don't! By eliminating wasted spend you can optimize your marketing budget in no time.

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CallGear CRM integrations enable you to add missing pieces of data, like ad sources, to your CRM. We integrate with most major CRMs and even offer customized solutions!

With CallGear Google Ads integration, digital marketers and agencies from various industries can track their phone leads by campaign, ad group, or keywords that led visitors to your website. Overview your cost per lead and cost per call within the CallGear dashboards, and allow your sales and marketing teams to make data-driven decisions.

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Call Log & Tags

Organize calls by source, category and quality to increase the number of leads.

Listen to the conversation in case you've missed something important and improve your performance and conversion from marketing into sales. If you’re a Travel Agency or a VetClinic and receive too many robocalls that impede your work, activate the CallGear calls tag, and tag and block these spam calls with the click of a button.

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Speech Analytics

Use voice analytics software to increase the number of leads from conversations.

With SpeechAnalytics, Travel & Hospitality marketing and sales teams get deeper insights into conversations with their customers. Get instant access to the information discussed with a client and search by keywords to find important points in the conversation.

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Call Me Back Widget

With Call Me Back Widget you will get more customers for the same advertising budget. It is a widget that website visitors fill out to receive a call back on their time.

Find new opportunities from clients that prefer to be contacted by your manager. With Call Me Back Widget Travel Agencies save their clients time needed to reach your office. This increases conversions from website visits into conversations with your clients.

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Speech Analytics

CallGear SpeechAnalytics provides you instant call transcriptions within your online dashboards

AI Powered SmartTag

Automated inbound call tagging & lead scoring

If your business receives an abundance of phone calls from your marketing efforts, lead scoring is a must-have tool for you.

I feel like our company is getting big box value with small business support.

Michael Lyjak | CEO, Efficiency Marketing Agency, LLC

I was sure that most of the calls came from Google Ads. It turned out that it was completely wrong!

Henri Hazougi | Owner & CEO of , Business Setup Consultants

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Call Tracking?

    Call Tracking is the process of tracing phone leads back to their source of origin. With call tracking, marketing and sales teams can measure the success of their advertising campaigns and conversions using the data gathered by call tracking software. Traditionally, businesses ask their leads one question to manually track the call: “How did you hear about us?”

    But in this digital age, with MANY potential leads, call tracking software can answer this question for you. Call tracking uses the Dynamic Number Insertion technique to track phone leads. It ensures that you don’t overlook the most important aspect of your digital marketing campaigns - phone calls. Phone calls account for 30% more conversions than any other advertising method. In simple terms, call tracking is a tool that helps businesses measure how their digital AND offline marketing efforts drive inbound calls.

  • How Does Call Tracking Work?

    Call Tracking solutions use different phone numbers to track the performance of different campaigns. With this technique, unique numbers are assigned to each marketing campaign. This makes it easy to capture data from calls generated by various sources. The process is divided into two steps:

    · Call Tracking Setup - Before you begin using call tracking service, decide whether your business needs a toll-free numbers or a standard local numbers. Also, our solutions allow you to forward inbound phone calls to different departments with the help of call management features. This step involves finalizing a number that you wish to associate with each marketing campaign.

    · Information Collection - The next step is to answer calls from the numbers associated with different campaigns. Every time someone calls ANY of the numbers, it will be monitored and tracked thoroughly. The system notes down the time, duration, origin of the caller, and identifies specific information about each caller.

  • Why is Call Tracking Important?

    With the number of people who own mobile phones increasing rapidly every day, the number of calls received by businesses has skyrocketed. Many businesses like home services, medical professionals, real estate agencies, and IT companies can profit significantly morefrom call tracking solutions. While Google Analytics is great, it only covers online campaigns, and not the most important part of your marketing endeavors: phone leads.

    Call Tracking allows marketers to find out which offline and online marketing efforts are generating the best results. Using the data captured by tracking software, businesses get a chance to rethink their marketing strategies and optimize their ROI. With call tracking, you get a birds-eye view of your audience, and can evolve your marketing strategies according to their likes and dislikes. Call Tracking lets you access additional customer insights and details, so you understand your customers better. Our call tracking service includes call recording features, so you can also use it to hear conversations and to train your staff.

  • What are CallGear’s Call Tracking Benefits?

    CallGear is a prominent name in the call tracking industry and its benefits go beyond simply knowing the caller’s source. CallGear’s software transforms the lead generation process by maximizing the ROI on your advertising campaigns. It enhances the paid and organic search tools using Click-to-Call Action buttons. CallGear’s Call Tracking solution gives you insights into which marketing campaigns are performing best, allowing you to optimize your marketing spend.

    CallGear provides call recording features as a part of its call tracking services. Call recordings give you the power to listen to conversations between your employees and customers. You can then provide valuable feedback to your employees to boost their customer service skills. CallGear’s Call Tracking and all its inclusive features give you a clear image of who your customers are, and what they want. All of this data is neatly presented to you in your CallGear dashboard for you to learn and improve your business.