Find Out Which Advertising Campaigns Perform Best.
Capture Inbound Calls And Increase
Your Marketing ROI.

Stop spending your marketing budget on ineffective advertising. Get insights on where your clients come from.


CallGear is an online service that shows where your phone leads come from.

We will show in our dashboards if the lead came from a print ad, an online ad or another source.


  • Phone numbers

  • Dynamic number insertion

  • Call tracking

  • Reporting

  • Integrations

  • Calls log & tags

  • Speech analytics

  • Web2call

Pick your local or toll-free numbers and start using them instantly. For local numbers, simply enter your area code and choose what works best for you. Or get a toll-free number upon request.

Applying multiple phone numbers helps to understand the overall advertising performance. With this feature, Real Estate Agents can easily find out if direct mail or other offline campaigns still bring them inbound calls.

Dynamically swap phone numbers on your website to track traffic source. CallGear quickly integrates call tracking into your website by attaching a unique phone number to each ad source, like GoogleAds, organic search, Yelp, Facebook, or many others.

With Dynamic number insertion, digital marketing agencies easily find out which online advertising efforts drive more phone leads and stop investing in ad sources that don’t bring inbound calls. With GoogleAds integration, it’s possible to track customers up to keywords level.

Find out which marketing campaigns or even keywords drive more phone calls. Assign unique phone numbers to track which online or offline ads make your phone ring.

CallGear includes call recording, call forwarding, whisper and greeting messages and many other features for in-depth insights. Digital Marketing Agencies and digital marketers from industries like Travel & Hospitality or Real Estate use CallGear call tracking to understand their marketing performance and optimize their online and offline campaigns.

CallGear easy-to-Use real-time reporting lets you intuitively visualize your phone calls and see which marketing campaigns are most valuable for you.

Applying multiple phone numbers helps to understand the overall advertising performance. With this feature Real Estate Agents can easily find out if direct mail or other offline campaigns still bring them inbound calls.

Integrate CallGear with your favorite platforms to get deeper insights into the whole customer journey. CallGear includes GoogleAds, Bing Ads and GoogleAnalytics native integrations and CRM integrations are available by request.

With CallGear GoogleAds integration, digital marketing agencies and digital marketers from other industries can track their phone leads by campaign, ad group or keywords that led them to your website. CallGear CRM integrations enable you to add the missing pieces of data like ad sources to your CRM. Overview cost per lead and cost per call within CallGear dashboards and apply data driven approach to your sales and marketing.

With calls tag you can listen to all inbound calls and tag them as purchase inquiries, spam calls, won opportunities or any other way you need.

Listen to the conversation in case you've missed something important and improve your performance and conversion from marketing into sales. If you’re a Travel Agency or a VetClinic and recieve too many robot calls that impede your work — with CallGear calls tag, you tag these spam calls and easily block these phone numbers.

CallGear SpeechAnalytics gives you a call transcription where you can search by keywords to get conversation insights quickly.

With SpeechAnalytics, Travel & Hospitality marketing and sales teams get deeper insights into conversations with their customers. Get instant access to the information discussed with a client and search by keywords to find important points of the conversation.

Apply CallGear Web2Call to your website — it’s a callback widget so your busy clients can request a callback at a time that works for them.

Find new opportunities from clients that prefer to be contacted by your manager. With Web2Call Travel Agencies save their clients time needed to reach your office. This increases conversions from website visits into conversations with your clients.

Al Powered SmartTag

Automated inbound call tagging & lead scoring

If your business receives many phone calls coming from your marketing efforts, lead scoring is a key factor for you.

Understand how advertising converts into quality leads

Quality conversations to help your sales team improve its performance

Get insights on request types — these details create the big picture

Speech Analytics

CallGear SpeechAnalytics provides you instant call transcription within your online dashboards

Search by keywords to get conversation insights quickly

Have instant access to the information discussed on the phone — never miss anything important

Get data that helps you to improve your sales & marketing performance

CallGear Call Tracking


clients worldwide


calls are processed every day


years of experience

PPC Manager | Local Digital Agency

CallGear allows us to actually SEE what’s working. Now, we can eliminate campaigns that have good stats but no calls.

CMO | VetClinic in Ohio

Within a short time, CallGear helped us review our marketing strategy, reallocate our budgets, and understand which marketing efforts bring us the most leads.

Head of Digital | California

We connected our ad campaigns and analytics tools to CallGear’s framework. That helped our teams analyze and quantify leads coming in to the business. It’s amazing to see all of the data.

Business owner | Real Estate

CallGear provides excellent service. We appreciate how quickly the support team helps with any questions or special requests we have. CallGear is now a trusted partner in our business.

Digital Agency Owner

What do clients of advertising agencies really want? More leads. That’s exactly what CallGear Cross Analytics helps us deliver. Thank you for your consistently excellent service!