Analyze every meaningful conversation in your business.

Use this information to improve your marketing, sales, customer service, and product strategies.

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Speech Analytics is a set of tools that allows you to receive complete call transcripts, find past conversations with customers using specific keywords, and massively tag any business call to be organized in your dashboard.

Speech Analytics will allow you to learn from your customer conversations and continuously improve your business processes. Significantly reduce the cost of wiretapping and processing calls manually.

How does it work?

In the Speech Analytics settings interface, you choose the types of phone calls that you want to transcribe into text.

The calls are then automatically transcribed for you to view, analyze and download. These dialogues are visualized in an “operator-client” format.

If you search for a keyword using the Speech Analytics tool, CallGear will highlight all conversations that contain that word, and highlight where the keywords are in your transcriptions.

You can then tag a group of highlighted calls and use this data to further analyze conversations. The entire group of selected calls can be downloaded.

Tagging Calls

Use our tag feature to evaluate the quality of your calls and conversations.

Tag a call based on conversation keywords, quality of leads, and/or urgency.

Organize tagged calls in your dashboard and see the complete picture of your business calls.

Tagging Calls

Tagging Calls

How do we use Speech Analytics ourselves?

We continously study the conversations of our managers and clients. Instead of having to listen to every conversation until we find something useful, we transcribe the dialogues and read or search the text to find valuable learnings.

In addition, we closely note, organize, and analyze questions that our customers ask. We can then change language on our website, product pages, and put important information in the FAQ page, assisting in the sales process for our employees and answering questions customers may have before they even jump on a call.

By tagging our calls, we can organize conversations by urgency and quality of the lead, in order to reach back out in a timely and appropriate manner.

Tagging Calls

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