Voicemail - VPBX's last
line of defense.

If your team isn’t available to handle a call, ask the caller to leave a message. Listen to their request and respond quickly and appropriately.

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Voicemail - VPBX's last  line of defense. Get Demo

Voicemail is a virtual telephony function that will help you maintain contact with a customer who has been unable to reach a live operator, and will provide them with an opportunity to make a request, express a concern, or be called back.

After the caller records the voice message, the system will email the designated employee with the recording based on the chosen scenario.

CallGear Voicemail

  • Stay informed of any missed calls to the company and reach back out to callers with accurate information
  • Provide additional scenarios to the caller for a dynamic customer service experience
  • Give callers the possibility to leave a voicemail at any time, even outside of business hours

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