Route the caller journey
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Route the caller journey from first ring to firstpurchase with call scenarios

Call Scenarios are a sequential execution of call processing operations to ensure a caller is connected to an employee appropriately and efficiently

Track call indicators relevant to your
business activity

Forward the call to the right person

Automatically greet a caller, provide information, and suggest a further conversation scenario.

It can be a request to wait for the first released operator, or based on the specific options on the keypad a caller selects, it can automatically route a call to the right employee or department.

Forward the call to the right person
Route calls based on your employees' work schedules

Change the call scenario depending on the time of day. If a client calls on weekends, let them know that they will be contacted during office hours.

You can provide your customers with an even more personalized service, connecting them with someone they’ve already had communication with. This establishes trust and comfortability with a caller, and can lead to repeat purchases.

Route calls based on your employees' work schedules
Arrange smart call distribution among managers

Optimize both the caller’s and employee’s time by distributing calls evenly across all employees whenever possible.

Use smart call routing to offices in different countries depending on the source of the call.

If multiple employees are available, connect a caller with whomever has a higher conversion rate.

Arrange smart call distribution among managers
Setting up Call Scenarios

Setting up Call Scenarios

The customization process for each scenario consists of simple visual blocks in your CallGear software.

By dragging and configuring each of these blocks, you can manipulate the script.

An operation can route a caller to a department, send them an automated message, forward them to a specialist, reiterate company hours, etc.

Common questions about Call

What does Call Scenarios feature do?

The Call Scenarios feature helps establish effective algorithms, according to which all incoming calls to your office get distributed. This is an efficient way to optimize the time of your employees and customers alike – no call will end up in the wrong place, and no information will get lost in the process.

Why use Call Scenarios by CallGear?

The CallGear Call Scenarios feature is an invaluable tool for streamlining your incoming call processing routine. With its help, you can determine how your customers will be greeted, which IVR options they will be offered, where their calls will be forwarded to, and even which of your employees within a particular department should handle the call from a particular client.

More amazing features for your
business to use with call scenarios

More amazing features for your
business to use with call scenarios

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