View your entire history of phone calls in one window.

Study information on incoming and outgoing calls, listen to phone records, tag calls, find out from which advertising source the call came and even what keyword was used. Use filters and have the ability to customize the displayed information.

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View your entire history of phone calls in one window. Get Demo

Calls log is an interface that allows you to analyze information on every single phone call to and from your business.

Our dashboard allows your team to check and monitor the conversations, study call data and customer behavior, improve communication processes, and most importantly, increase your sales by learning what works best for your business. Export and download all data in only a couple clicks.

Who can benefit from Call Logs?

Business Managers

Quickly find any call or customer, analyze their history with your company, and use that data to build a better business.


Study the data on incoming calls to discover which marketing channels are bringing in the most leads, converisons, repeat customers, etc. Optimize your marketing budget by cutting spend on the ineffective channels.

Для кого это важно?

Head of Sales

Monitor which employees are closing the most deals, which sales scripts generate the most conversions, and train employees accordingly.

Technical Specialists

Support the company’s telephone communication system by eliminating problems that occur during calls. It may be connection related, routing related, etc.

Some of our killer features

Call Recording

Record, store, and analyze conversations with your customers.

You can then listen and download any conversation in your personal account.
You can assign different access to this data to different groups of employees.

Use this data to better understand your customers.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Tagging Calls

Use tags to evaluate the quality of your calls and conversations.

Tag a call based on conversation keywords, quality of leads, urgency… however you want to organize and track specific call scenarios.

Organize tagged calls in your dashboard and see the complete picture of your business calls.

Tagging Calls

Tagging Calls

Call Tracking

Stop wasting money on ineffective ads.

Call tracking is an online service that shows which of your marketing channels bring in the most leads.

All information is collected in your data-driven dashboard. Discover whether your client came from print advertising, from the Internet, or from any other source.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Call Scenarios

Take incoming call processing to the next level.

Strategize exactly how the caller journey will go from first ring to first purchase. Execute this plan in CallGear and connect each caller with the right employee to handle their needs.

Optimize everyone’s time and close more deals.

Call Scenarios

Call Scenarios

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