Process every incoming request to your business with ease, organization, and transparency.

Automate the process of sorting and responding to incoming requsts to your business. Ensure that you never miss out on leads or forget to respond to a potential client.

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Process every incoming request to your business with ease, organization, and transparency. Get Demo

Benefits of using a Lead Generation Tools:

Drive more conversions on your landing pages.
Improve the quality of your leads by segmenting your audience.
Control and organize incoming requests.

Process every request instantly and avoid human error!

Our Lead Generation tools will help you:

· Make more calls to hot leads

· Get more qualified leads

· Receive more requests from your site

Lead Generation Tools include:

The Web Form Auto Callback

Web Form Auto Callback is a tool that connects to our Form Tracking feature and allows you to automatically initiate a new outbound call from the company to your customer within 30 seconds of them filling out a contact form on your website.

The Web Form Auto Callback

The Web Form Auto Callback

CallBack Widget

The Callback Widget allows a potential client to select a date and time that is convenient for them to speak to a representative. At the specified time, CallGear will automatically call one of your managers, connect them to the lead, record the conversation, and save it to the Calls Log.

CallBack Widget

CallBack Widget

Lead Generator Tool

The Lead Generator is a tool that interacts with a client on your website at a designated time, increasing the rate of conversion.

The Lead Generator takes into account the behavior of the visitor and invites them to take an action via a popup: schedule a call, send a request, or respond to a promotion.

Lead Generator Tool

Lead Generator Tool

Never ‘Miss’ an Incoming Call

The Auto Callback feature ensures that you never ‘miss’ a call again.

Any customer whose call is not immediately received will be automatically called back.

Stop missing out on leads by returning every single call before the lead opts out.

Never ‘Miss’ an Incoming Call

Never ‘Miss’ an Incoming Call


Automatically exchange call data with your CRM.
We have integrations with the following systems:

Integrate with Hubspot
Integrate with Zapier
Integrate with AmoCrm
Integrate with Bitrix24
Integrate with Zoho
Integrate with Pepedrive

Our clients

Over the long history of our work, many companies in various industries have become our clients, including such from the Automotive as BMW, Volvo and Range Rover. We hope to become a reliable partner for your business as well.


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