Optimize marketing performance by analyzing call sources with call tracking

Increase return on investment, reduce the cost of attracting clients and increase the number of calls without changing your marketing budget.

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Call tracking is a toolkit that lets you know where your customers are calling from.

We aggregate this information and display it in simple, user-friendly dashboards.

Getting started

The tool is easily integrated into your business processes.

All you need to do is install a simple js script to replace the phone number. We’ll take care of the rest.

Virtual numbers

We use virtual numbers to track the call sources.

A customer calls the virtual number that you placed in one of your advertising messages.

CallGear saves all the call information and displays it in your personal account

CallGear redirects the call to your office number

It takes a split second, the client doesn’t notice a difference, and you get the opportunity to perform data-driven marketing!

Static Call Tracking

Static call tracking enables you to track the source of the call to a TV commercial or any other advertising campaign.

For example, you can buy a billboard and place a virtual number on it.

After the campaign, you’ll know exactly what the most important marketing metrics were for that campaign: number of calls, Cost Per Lead.

Dynamic Call Tracking

In dynamic call tracking, a specific visit to the site (session)
is linked to a specific call.

This allows for detailed analytics down to a keyword or specific banner.

It is called dynamic because a pool of numbers which are dynamically assigned to each unique user is allocated to the channel at the time of the visit.

Track call conversions for any type of online advertising

We also have native integrations for the main advertising systems:

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

Track offline advertising performance

You can track the following call sources:

TV advertising

Print advertising

Outdoor advertising



Simply place your virtual number associated with CallGear on these sources. We’ll tell you which sources work more effectively!