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Automatically record and transcribe every phone conversation in real-time

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Analyze conversations

Improve your managers' work performance

Improve sales scripts

Have a history of communication with your clients

How it works

Listen, download, and/or delete phone conversations in your CallGear dashboard. Give limited or unlimited access to specific employees or departments. Forward some or all transcriptions via e-mail.

Depending on the chosen tariff plan, files are available in your 'Personal Account' from 7 days to 1 year. We recommend storing them for three months, as most companies find this to be a sufficient amount of time (do not forget to download individual files needed for training).

Record conversations automatically or manually, for any number. You can also enable automatic or manual recording during the call.

The benefits of using Call Recording


customer needs & behaviors


quality of calls


employees & call handlers

Like any other tool, Call Recording is available on any Tariff Plan

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You can use our Speech Analytics Tool to automatically
translate recorded calls into text. Process data more
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