Use voice analytics software to analyze customer conversations and increase the number of leads to your business

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1. Conversation Transcriptions

2. Keyword Search

3. Compliance Control Checklists

4. Automatic tagging and SmartTag

Convert Calls to Text with Speech Analytics

Search conversations by specific keywords, test different sales scripts, evaluate your employees, study customer behavior, and improve your business practices.

Are you ready to significantly increase your conversion rate?

The benefits of using Speech Analytics


time and cost of phone calls


and tags target and non-target calls


conversions from phone calls


the quality of service

Conversation Analytics service capabilities

Transcription and search by content of the call

Get access in real-time to the content of each conversation. The CallGear system decodes each text and organizes a report based on keywords and conversation points. Learn about your customers in no time!

Compliance Control Checklists

Checklists allow you to monitor and evaluate the work of your call handlers. You can create system blocks of key phrases that managers should use when communicating with clients, specific to different situations. The CallGear system will analyze all call records and build a report on each employees' checklist execution.

Automatic tagging and SmartTag

The CallGear system will automate the process of analyzing and marking conversations with customers. Tags are created in the system and form lists of popular keywords and phrases used. The tool can automatically tag ALL calls, significantly reducing the time and cost of listening.

Like any other tool, Speech Analytics is available on any Tariff Plan

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