Improve the efficiency of working with CallGear data by using an API.

Using our API will help all of your platforms communicate instantly with one another and remove manual labor constraints.

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Improve the efficiency of working with CallGear data by using an API. Get Demo

The CallGear API is a tool that will allow you to get any data integrated with your CallGear account through our program code.

You can automatically receive data and transfer it to any other platform that your business uses.

This is the ultimate marketing tool. Consolidate and learn from all of your data!

Our API allows clients to:

Integrate with:

  • their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • their internal software
  • their Data Warehouse
  • their Business Intelligence system

Receive Instant Notifications

Any time there is a signifcant event related to a call or changes in the state of a call, you can receive notifications both to your mobile phone or email, and to your application using the HTTP protocol.

Using our API, all data will be updated and organized across all platforms, to ensure there is never a break in the flow of information.

Receive Instant Notifications

Receive Instant Notifications

Data Reporting API

Configures and organizes all statistics and reports within your business.

JavaScript API

Expands the possibilities of working with your website and visitors.

Call Management API

Helps generate and manage all company calls both inbound and outbound.

Interactive Call Handling API

The ability to ask an external application for instructions on how to handle a call while processing it.

How do we use the API ourselves?

Every hour, we synchronize the data of our CRM with our CallGear account in order to find and tag significant interactions with customers.

Next, we place the current status of each contact from our CRM into the request tag.

Then we unload all primary calls to DWH along with the UTM attributes of the call. Additionally, we add data on advertising campaigns from our advertising accounts.

Last, we connect the data from CallGear and the data from the ad accounts and visualize the report in our MetaBase BI system.

Thus, using our API, we build advanced end-to-end marketing analytics.

How do we use the API ourselves?
How do we use the API ourselves?

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