11 Reasons Why You Should Use Call Tracking


We all know that you need good products, a great website, and a creative marketing team to turn your startup into a successful business. Managing the business and tracking data has become easy thanks to the multiple apps and software available today. One of the most important data points is customer online activity.

Even though it is a tiny part of the equation, it plays a huge role in how a customer finds your business. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to optimize your resources and focus them towards strategies that work the best. That’s where call tracking comes into the picture. Here’s why you should use call tracking systems to grow your business. 

Three reasons to use call tracking

So, why do businesses need to invest in call tracking software? You can argue it’s to get more clients, but that’s just looking at the smaller picture. The larger picture tells you that a reliable call tracking software solution delivers a lot more, from helping you understand your business better to giving you action driven statistics and analytics that you can act on.


1. Connect phone calls with marketing campaigns

Without call tracking, you won’t know how a caller found your business. As a growing company, you try every possible marketing channel and platform to reach your target audience. Call tracking is like the last key of the equation that binds everything together and tells you which strategy, channel, or platforms works the best. 

marketing campaigns


2. Gain feedback on customer service and employees

By analyzing calls, you can understand the things an executive says to convert a lead into a customer. When marketing managers listen to calls between probable customers and your customer service, you can offer detailed feedback and improve call quality. If you find that your customer care team lacks input, you can host training sessions and optimize your marketing campaigns as well. 


3. Find the location of your customers 

Location targeting is crucial for your business’s success because you can sponsor your marketing campaigns in areas where you get the most traffic. 

Two more reasons to use call monitoring system

4. Measure your business’s ROI

If you want to check whether your online efforts work or not, you need to track online data through call tracking. Use a different phone number for every marketing campaign and channel, so you can know from where you get the most customers. You can use the same method to experiment with traditional advertising methods including flyers, billboards, and TV commercials to calculate their return of interest. 

return of interest


5. Optimize campaigns according to the time of the day 

You need to know which is the best time to run campaigns to record the maximum conversion rate. Call tracking will give hour by hour results of every campaign and channel in which you market and advertise your products.


Three unique ways call tracking marketing helps your business


6. Manage calls and workflow

You don’t want to keep callers waiting for a long time because they will eventually cut the call. Another thing that call tracking will help you with is telling you exactly when you get the most calls, so you can hire more staff for that particular shift and reduce employees during shifts that get fewer calls.

manage calls


7. Understand average time spent on every call

Reporting calls can help you find out the length of every call and conclude different assumptions based on the length. It suggests the level of call quality or information lacking from the website. This is insightful feedback, which you can go back and work on. If the customer gets all information from your website, it will cut down on the number of information-seeking calls.


8. Get information on low visibility channels

As a customer care department manager, you can inform the advertisers on how the department performed on a particular call. For example, if you made 100 calls, 68 picked up, 10 went to voicemail, 15 were busy, and seven weren’t answered, you can then segregate these numbers on an hourly basis to check why some calls went unanswered. It could be wrong timing, or you could have called the number earlier and they weren’t interested in talking to you again.


Three reasons for using web call tracking for SEO

9. Find keywords that work the best 

Using different combinations of keywords in different marketing campaigns can help you find out the ones that bring the most traffic. Keyword level call tracking can be a little time-consuming, but there is software available that makes your job easy. When a user signs up on your website, the software records the phone number. Afterwards, when the same user calls you, the software records that too and gives you a detailed report on customer activity. 

search engine optimization


10. Optimize your website to boost conversions

If your website isn’t getting enough traffic, use call tracking to find the keywords that work for you and include them to boost SEO. Call tracking also acts as an indicator of the work put in by your SEO specialist and bridges the gap between input and output.


11. Helps in optimizing landing pages

Every website has multiple landing pages. A simple call tracking software will discover the keywords linked to a high-performing landing page that yields the desired results. 

Call tracking will not only help your business grow, but will also optimize your resources according to your customer’s preferences. 


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