Call Monitoring for Businesses and Call Centers

Should you monitor calls? Find out the benefits of call monitoring and how to use it to increase your profits.

Multi-Channel Attribution: How to Track and Measure Your Customer Journey Effectively

The modern customer travels across a number of touchpoints before they ultimately convert to a lead or sale.

What is PPC Call Tracking and How do you use It – A Complete Guide

PPC, or pay-per-click ads, are extremely effective in driving quality traffic to your business.

Virtual PBX – An Important Component for Effective Business

The traditional PBX phone system is no longer suited for the evolving needs of modern businesses. So out goes the legacy of PBX systems and in comes the advanced virtual PBX system.

Virtual Numbers: How Are They Useful?

Is your business effectively reaching customers? While business leads can come from many sources, phone leads remain a tremendously significant source of leads. With virtual numbers, you can assign a unique local number to every caller.

Record Calls on Your Phone

Most marketers have realized the importance of call tracking to measure the success of their marketing campaigns.

Call Tagging: 9 Way to Use It in Your Business for Higher Profitability

Call tracking enables businesses to track the success of their campaigns and improve sales. However, that’s not the only thing call tracking is useful for. Call tracking solutions like CallGear offer advanced features like call tagging to enhance your services and marketing efforts.

What is Softphone and Do Businesses Really Need It?

You’ve heard of smartphones, you’ve heard about landlines, but what the heck are softphones?

All You Need to Know About Speech Recognition Technology

Every day, we use voice commands to control our mobile phones or voice assistants without giving a second thought on how they work.

What is Multi-Touch Attribution? Simple Explanation For Beginners

Every day YouTube hits billions of hours of viewing, while Google receives over 3.5 million searches.

What is Call Monitoring? How Do Call Monitoring Systems Work?

Every time you call a customer care number, an automated voice will inform you that your call will be recorded for education purposes.

White Label Definition: What is White Labeling Software?

Lead: White labeling refers to a method of rebranding products and services which originated from another company.