Best Cloud PBX Software with Call Tracking 2024

In today’s business landscape, understanding your lead sources and customer interactions is crucial. Call tracking and inbound analytics aren’t just tools but essential strategies for optimizing marketing efforts and enhancing customer engagement.

Fitness Holding case study IP telephony for a franchise: in 2 days, we moved a network of fitness clubs over to a single control and analytics system

What does it take to centrally manage a franchise network? How do managers track telephone sales and advertising source performance?

Virtual Phone Numbers in 2022: Available Options and How to Use Them

  Virtual landlines completely revolutionized the way many companies approach phone calls. As opposed to physical landlines, virtual ones don’t limit you to a specific location. All you need is an Internet connection and your customer support can connect with clients from any part of the world. Virtual phone numbers become more popular each day, […]

Ensure the Best Communication with Customers in 10 Steps

Keeping in contact with existing and potential customers should be a priority for any business. At the moment, a lot of companies focus on developing their social media presence, which only makes sense because of their popularity. Millions of people use social media sites and apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, on a […]

Virtual Phone Numbers: Which Type Is Right for Your Business?

  Virtual phone numbers have become a part of the corporate world thanks to their affordability and easy setup. Companies that are concerned with the quality of their customer support pay a lot of attention to how they can effectively communicate with clients. There are numerous providers of virtual phone number systems, including CallGear. If […]

Call Recording: What Are the Advantages for Businesses?

  Call recording is not a new practice, as it is a tool that has been implemented by different organizations and companies for many years. The reason for the use of this technology is to earn more profits by learning about the needs and preferences of your customers. But, what exactly is this technology, and […]

IP-telephony for Online Stores: We provide high-quality communication and flexible call distribution scenarios

How do customers communicate effectively with an online store? It starts with a stable telephone connection and a fair distribution of workload amongst your employees.

0800 Numbers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

  Phone numbers can be different depending on a range of factors. One of the common categories for companies includes 0800 numbers, as they allow businesses to offer free phone calls to their customers. The vast majority of large organizations, both businesses and charities, have these numbers so that people can reach them easily without […]

GDPR and How to Legally Record Calls in the UK

  Call recording is one of the most useful features for any company. Phone calls are inevitable and using the information you get from your existing and potential clients can help give your business a significant boost. When it comes to the UK, there is a lot of confusion regarding GDPR and other laws that […]

Call Recording and Consent for Companies: Does It Matter?

  The topic of call recording is quite a complex one, as regulations regarding this technology differ depending on states and countries. Call recording may be completely legal in your particular state, but the adjacent state may have different rules. Marketing teams of companies can benefit greatly from recording their conversations with customers, so it’s […]

Virtual Phone Lines as a Modern Business Tool

  Digitalization has become a part of everyday life, and this can be said about every area of our lives, including phone calls. Virtual phone lines are actively used by different companies, as it is a convenient and affordable way to stay in touch with customers. If you are thinking about switching to a virtual […]

Recording Phone Calls for Your Business in the US: What You Need to Know

  In the modern competitive business environment, it is important to work on providing the best services to customers. A lot of companies use call recording to their benefit when training their staff, increasing sales, and much more. Before starting to use this tool effectively in your work, it’s essential to know how to use […]

Call Recording for Your Business: The Legalities of This Tool in Different Countries

  Improving one’s business takes a lot of knowledge and different tools. One of the most powerful features you can use to bring your business to the next level is call recording. With the help of this tool, businesses can create better marketing campaigns, listen and study requests from their customers, assess the work of […]

IP Telephony for Education: How to Handle 27% More Calls to Your Business

If your sales managers are working remotely, how do you know which of them are fulfilling their quota of sales calls per day?

How to reduce the number of lost calls to zero and increase the number of customer calls by 21%

How do you reduce the number of missed calls to your business if your total number of incoming calls keeps growing?

How to 70X Increase in Profits During Pandemic: Online Store Case

During the pandemic, certain products and services are in extremely high demand. And although receiving an abundance of inbound calls is a great sign for your company, the risk of losing these sales due to lack of time and resources increases.

Virtual Business Phone System for Car Dealerships: How to boost sales 2x

How do you successfully master a market segment that is fundamentally new? The key is to build a close relationship with your customers by using effective communication strategies and in-depth analytics.

IP Telephony for Medicine: How to Increase the Number of Processed calls by 60% and free your managers’ time by 20%

Often, a clinic employee simply does not have enough time to provide a client with a quality consultation.

An Introduction to Hosted PBX How to Pick the Best One

Setting up an advanced virtual business phone (VPBX) system to take care of your company’s growing needs in communication may sound like an expensive, time-consuming, and technically demanding arrangement, but it’s not.

IP Telephony for Construction: How employees began to work 3X more efficiently: Case “SK Sky”

The main problem of any business that uses telephone communication is missed calls. When it comes to quality of service and high conversion rates, there’s nothing more important than picking up that phone and having a fast response time.

Virtual Private Branch Exchange (VPBX) Key Concepts Made Easy

Virtual Private Branch Exchange, aka Virtual PBX or Hosted PBX, is a popular type of business phone system that supplies all the key PBX call features – call routing, call forwarding, voicemail, IVR, automated virtual directory, call recording, call queueing, logging, and more – to subscribers as a hosted service.

What Hides Behind PBX Systems Difficult Concepts Explained Simply

Back in the day, for an inbound phone call to go through to a business, it had to come to a general telephone switchboard first, where one of the operators manually connected it to the destination line by plugging the cable into the corresponding jack.

A Short Guide on Creating an Ideal Business Voicemail Greeting

An advanced voice mail system is one of the best business productivity boosters money can buy. Not only does it help streamline all communications with your customers, but it also offers functionality that enhances the cost efficiency of operations across various departments and improves the overall performance of your company.

How Can Hiring a Virtual Assistant Benefit Growing Businesses?

If your company has outgrown your managerial capacity and you no longer have the resources to deal with the increasing scope of administrative tasks single-handedly, the time has come to consider expanding your staff.

Tips on How to Make Your Business Caller ID Irresistible for Customers

With the obscene amount of spammers, scammers, and all sorts of ill-natured callers out there today, it is no wonder people are increasingly more reluctant to answer the phone when they cannot quickly and reliably identify the caller.

8 Ways an IVR Can Improve and Streamline Your Business Operations

Are you tired of having to answer u a hundred monotonous calls per day from potential customers who keep asking you the same uniform questions? Would you like to make that particular experience more streamlined and time-effective?

4 Smart Ways to Reinvest Money in Your Business to Help It Grow

You have been working extremely hard, pulling all-nighters in the office, never really parting with your phone and laptop in case a client calls to ask a question – all to make sure your business can succeed and thrive.

5 Good Arguments In Favor Of Switching To A Virtual Business Phone System

If your phone system appears too intricate and confusing to your callers, it can cost your small business a large part of its potential clients. Not being able to get through to you quickly, they give up even before they can speak to one of your trained managers

How to Set Up a Voicemail System for a Distraction-Free Work Environment?

Imagine this: You’re grinding away at work, about to crank out a brilliant idea that could be the quintessence of all the brilliance in the world – and your cell phone starts ringing. Instantly, you’ve lost your concentration, and are left utterly frustrated and unable to decide what to do next – pick up the phone or go back to work and try to catch up.

IP Telephony for Education: How to Automate Reporting and Free your Managers’ time up to 15% per day: Case Study of the Online School “InternetLesson”

“InternetLesson” is an online school that provides remote learning opportunities for grades 1 to 11. The company has a library of video tutorials and school curriculum materials.

IP Telephony for Real Estate: How to Increase Call Center Productivity 1.5X without Increasing your Staff – “PIK-Arenda” Case Study

For any call center, it’s extremely important that operators are not idle during work hours. This could result in a negative experience for the client and frustration for the managers.

Looking for a comprehensive call solution? CallGear helped 2M Group reduce communication costs by 28% and ensured control over the work of their employees – 2M Group Case Study

Our partner, 2M GROUP, is an expert in cost automation services. They help many organizations from different industries master modern communication technologies and optimize and automate their business processes.

Angstrem Case Study: How CallGear Improved Customer Service and Reduced the Number of Missed Calls by 3X

During quarantine, call traffic to the Angstrem online store quadrupled. Due to the pandemic, the call center employees had to work from home, and the company urgently had to rebuild their management and control processes for handling phone calls.

IP Telephony for Education: Call Processing Accelerated by 1.5X, 70% of business saved during crisis. British Academic Center Case Study.

How does connecting advanced virtual telephony to your CRM significantly improve your business?

Oazis Group Case Study: IP Telephony for Real Estate. How CallGear and amoCRM Integration Improved Quality of Service by 30%.

When a sales manager is in a more comfortable work environment, they perform better. This may seem obvious, but how do you get your team into that setting?

ALFAPOL Case Study: IP Telephony for Construction Company results in 90% less manual labor, 6X more transactions.

Connecting modern IP-telephony to your business can not only speed up call processing times, but it can also motivate your team to carry out larger-scale improvements for the business.

LEAD-TERRA Case Study: How the right IP Telephony Significantly Improved Call Center Efficiency

A modern call center cannot properly function without cloud telephony. Almost all telephony providers have basic operator control functions, but finding one that goes above and beyond to truly improve your business is a different story.

How does Digital Marketing affect the Home Care Industry in the UK?

Digital Agency Trinity has joined forces with McAlpine Care to launch an aggregator that will improve the way people search for home care agencies for the elderly.

Power Your Conversions from Outbound Sales Calls with Local Caller ID

What do you usually do when a call comes from a toll-free number or an unfamiliar area code?

Automating the Sales & Communication Processes of a Federal Business with amoCRM and CallGear

Colleagues from the KIT Consulting integrator shared their story about how amoCRM (a cloud-based CRM system) and CallGear telephony can effectively automate the sales & communication processes of a federal business that opens one new regional office per day.

Real Estate Companies in the UAE can handle EVERY call with Virtual PBX

The real estate market in the UAE is highly opportunistic, with endless opportunities to gain market share.

7 Ways Marketing Agencies in the UAE gain and retain clients with Call Tracking

Call tracking software is a way for companies to understand the ins and out of their business through phone calls.

Automotive Companies need Virtual PBX to Win Market Share

The automotive industry in Dubai is very lucrative. But the companies who are the most successful are the ones that communicate the most effectively and retain loyal customers. CallGear can help you do both.

UAE Real Estate Companies will make MORE and spend LESS with Call Tracking

Are we saying that you can make MORE money… and spend LESS money on marketing? That can’t be right…

Integrate CallGear with your Facebook Lead Ads and reduce the cost of phone leads from social ads by 44%

With CallGear, the agency ProContext increased the number of targeted calls for their automotive client, KIA Center Agalat.

Automotive Companies will NEVER miss leads with Auto Callback

Are you tired of missing out on quality leads? Are you tired of missing out on MONEY!? Do you wish there was an easier way to process applications and get back to potential customers?

Business Setup Providers in the UAE bring in MORE business with Call Tracking

What if we said you can make MORE money on sales… and spend LESS money on marketing? That can’t be right…

Marketing Agencies in the UAE have difficulty succeeding without Virtual PBX

CallGear VPBX is a communication system that allows marketing agency companies in the UAE to manage their entire phone system in one easy-to-use place, without heavy, expensive hardware, and without a headache.

3 Reasons Business Setup Companies in the UAE need Virtual PBX for Leads

Your business setup business can do WONDERS for companies starting in or expanding to the UAE.

Call Monitoring for Businesses and Call Centers

Should you monitor calls? Find out the benefits of call monitoring and how to use it to increase your profits.

A Comprehensive Guide to Call Center Metrics You Need to Measure

Want to measure the performance of your call center? Here’s a guide on the top call center metrics to measure.

Toll-Free Vs. Local Vs. Direct Dial Phone Numbers: Which is Best for Your Business?

Find out the difference between local, toll-free and DID numbers. Then choose the best one for your business.

How to Use Call Transcription for Business Growth

Learn how call transcriptions can help you achieve your business objectives and grow your business.

What is the Best Time to make Business Calls to Your Customers?

When should you call your customers? Find the best time for business calls backed by statistics.

How to Rope in Your Customers with Effective Discovery Calls

As it turns out, many reps and organizations lose out on prospective customers right on the first call.

PPC Reporting Like a Pro: A Guide on Key KPIs and Best Practices to Include

In 2017, 7 million marketers invested $10.1 billion in PPC, or pay-per-click advertising. If you’re a digital marketer, you must be managing several PPC campaigns on behalf of your clients.

How to Focus on Actionable Marketing Metrics to Prove Your Value to Clients

As a marketer, you may be great at your job. You generate more traffic, create more leads, and help your clients increase sales. But like most marketers, it might be challenging to prove your value to your clients.

Multi-Channel Attribution: How to Track and Measure Your Customer Journey Effectively

The modern customer travels across a number of touchpoints before they ultimately convert to a lead or sale.

Why You Should Be Tracking Calls During the Holidays

Inbound calls to businesses have been on the rise for quite some time now.

What is PPC Call Tracking and How do you use It – A Complete Guide

PPC, or pay-per-click ads, are extremely effective in driving quality traffic to your business.

What are Call Tracking Metrics and How Do They Affect Your Business?

60% of customers still prefer to call a business, even in this digital age. That means a majority of your leads are going to come in the form of inbound calls.

Virtual PBX – An Important Component for Effective Business

The traditional PBX phone system is no longer suited for the evolving needs of modern businesses. So out goes the legacy of PBX systems and in comes the advanced virtual PBX system.

Virtual Numbers: How Are They Useful?

Is your business effectively reaching customers? While business leads can come from many sources, phone leads remain a tremendously significant source of leads. With virtual numbers, you can assign a unique local number to every caller.

Record Calls on Your Phone

Most marketers have realized the importance of call tracking to measure the success of their marketing campaigns.

The Telephone of the Future: Leveraging in On the Current Business Trends

From bulky desk phones to portable smartphones, the concept of the telephone has traveled a long distance through space and time.

Does Everyone Need Call Tracking? Let’s check out 9 Types of Businesses That Prove Call Tracking Works!

You cannot undermine the importance of phone calls when it comes to scoring qualified leads. But do you know exactly where your leads are coming from? If you don’t, then you’re the perfect candidate for phone call tracking aka business call tracking.

Call Tagging: 9 Way to Use It in Your Business for Higher Profitability

Call tracking enables businesses to track the success of their campaigns and improve sales. However, that’s not the only thing call tracking is useful for. Call tracking solutions like CallGear offer advanced features like call tagging to enhance your services and marketing efforts.

How To Score More Phone Leads With A PPC Call Tracking Plan

Did you know that you can get more phone leads with a call tracking solution by using the right PPC strategy? Here’s how.

The Top 3 Call Tracking Case Studies You Need to Know About

Call tracking offers several benefits, from dynamic number insertion to call recording. Here’s how companies can benefit from using call tracking.

How to Add a Human Touch to Call Tracking: The Top Tips

Add a human touch to your call tracking solution and get more user engagement. Here’s what you need to do.

Customizing Call Tracking Efforts: Tips to Follow

Hello you have reached XYZ Corp, please wait while we connect you to our customer care executive. The expected wait time is eight minutes. We appreciate your patience.

How Call Tracking Leads to Business Growth – From Digital Marketing Experts

How friendly are you to your customers on the phone? Let’s take a look at how a little bit of call customization can help you do more, easily

Are Your Employees Mishandling Phone Calls? We Can Help!

The numbers don’t lie. 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

The CallGear Classroom: Virtual PBX 101

Welcome to The CallGear Classroom. Here, we’ll discuss and define call tracking terminology in a fun and simple way.

How Call Tracking Helps You Drive More Conversions and Increase Sales

Are you looking to increase your conversions and sales?

What is Softphone and Do Businesses Really Need It?

You’ve heard of smartphones, you’ve heard about landlines, but what the heck are softphones?

All You Need to Know About Speech Recognition Technology

Every day, we use voice commands to control our mobile phones or voice assistants without giving a second thought on how they work.

How to Save Yourself From Voicemail Disasters + Tips to Delete Voicemails

It seems we never run out of ways to embarrass ourselves these days.

Dynamic Number Insertion: How to Use Call Tracking Safely Without Harming SEO

Can call tracking hurt your SEO efforts? Will you be penalized by Google for using multiple phone numbers?

The CallGear Classroom: Smart Tagging 101

Welcome to The CallGear Classroom. Here, we’ll discuss and define call tracking terminology in a fun and simple way.

11 Phone Call Statistics Businesses Can’t Ignore

You’ve heard our pitch on call tracking and how effective it can be for your business.

The CallGear Classroom: Ad Campaigns 101

Welcome to The CallGear Classroom. Here, we’ll discuss and define call tracking terminology in a fun and simple way.

7 Words Callers Want to Hear Over the Phone

You may be the greatest marketer in the world. Your ad campaigns draw HUNDREDS of incoming calls to your business every day.

The CallGear Classroom: Web2Call 101

Welcome to The CallGear Classroom. Here, we’ll discuss and define call tracking terminology in a fun and simple way.

Is It Legal To Record Phone Calls? Call Recording Laws by State Guide

Phone recording might not be as dramatic as it is in the movies, where two FBI agents are cramped up in an old van with high-technology equipment.

Call Tracking Analytics: How to Track Offline Calls Using Online Services

Businesses are experiencing a sudden increase in incoming calls from prospective customers.

11 Reasons Why You Should Use Call Tracking

We all know that you need good products, a great website, and a creative marketing team to turn your startup into a successful business.

What is Multi-Touch Attribution? Simple Explanation For Beginners

Every day YouTube hits billions of hours of viewing, while Google receives over 3.5 million searches.

What is Call Monitoring? How Do Call Monitoring Systems Work?

Every time you call a customer care number, an automated voice will inform you that your call will be recorded for education purposes.

3 Reasons Car Dealers NEED Call Tracking to Bring in More Leads

84% of car dealerships’ inbound sales calls do not get converted into a sale. (IHS Automotive)

Lawyers – Are You Missing out on Leads!? Let’s fix that.

So how much money is your firm investing in marketing? $1000? $100,000!?

What is Call Tracking and How Does It Work?

Let’s face it – you cannot be there to answer your client all through the day.

Calls From +266696687? Here Is Who is Calling!

Have you ever noticed the number +266696687 pop up on your mobile screen every now and then?

White Label Definition: What is White Labeling Software?

Lead: White labeling refers to a method of rebranding products and services which originated from another company.

Why College Admission Offices Need Call Tracking

College recruiting has become one of the most challenging processes in the world.

Restaurant Owners & Managers Need Call Tracking to Survive

60% of restaurants close within one year.
80% of restaurants close within five years.

Calls From 737-874-2833? Find Out Who is Calling!

Are you receiving calls from 737-874-2833 too? It is the most restricted number in the United States.

Calling all Plumbers, Carpenters, Roofers, Landscapers – Get More Clients with Call Tracking!

You want to make more money. It’s as simple as that. And in the home services industry, there’s money to be made.

A Call Tracking Software Built for Agencies – From CallGear CEO and former telecom employee Kaspars Kivrins

As someone who spent a majority of their career at a marketing agency, I understand firsthand the difficulties of retaining clients.

3 Ways the BIGGEST Realtors in the World Depend on Call-Tracking

Every sales job comes down to people. No matter the hierarchy, no the matter the position, no matter the industry. If you need to close a deal, you need the right person for the job.

Call-Tracking on Advertisements Explained – with pictures!

Call-Tracking is HOT right now. Yup, I said it.

Even the Smallest Real Estate Brokers Need Call-Tracking

Although we live in an age where pretty much anything can be ordered online, there are still industries that will forever initiate business over the phone.

5 Problems Small Marketing Agencies Face Without Call-Tracking

If you are a small marketing agency, a local marketing agency, or even a one-person marketing shop, you understand the fear of losing your clients to the ‘big guys.’

3 Reasons Call-Tracking is Important for Vet Clinics and Pet Services

You take care of animals. You are literally a lifesaver. And your team is one of the best in the business.

Travelers in the US still call to book a trip. How can travel marketers take advantage of these calls?

“U.S. residents logged 1.8 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2018 and spent $1.1 TRILLION combined on travel” (US Travel Association).

Call-Tracking is the Right Tool to Evaluate Online Campaign Performance: Listen up Digital Marketing Agencies.

We’ve all been in the same position: So much to do, so little time.

Call-Tracking, Web2Call, & Online Chat… Now All-In-One

If you read our first article, How Call Insights make Business Owners Happy, then you understand how important call data is for your company.

How Call Insights Make Business Owners Happy

You own a small business. You want to grow. You need to grow. So, you spend thousands of dollars on paid search advertisements and BOOM!