How Call Tracking Helps You Drive More Conversions and Increase Sales

Are you looking to increase your conversions and sales?

If you want to succeed as a business, there’s no way around it. You have to find ways to increase your conversions and sales if you want to earn a profit and stay competitive.

In this digital age, there are several techniques that you can use to improve SEO, PPC ads and more. But you may be forgetting the most effective and easiest way to increase sales.

Many of us think phone calls are history, but they’re actually still one of the main sources of contact for your customer- and they convert unlike anything else! In fact, phone calls generate 30% to 50% conversion rates, compared to a mere 1% to 2% conversion achieved through clicks online.

Phones are not going anywhere, even when we live in the age of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. There has actually been over a 40% increase in phone calls since 2014 across multiple industries.

So, you need to focus on your phone leads for maximum return on interest. But how do you know where the calls are coming from? Did they get your number from an ad? Or was it mobile search? How can you tell?

Unless you have the answer to all of these questions, you cannot make the most of your phone leads. And that’s exactly where call tracking comes in!

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a technology that measures consumer behavior during phone calls and empowers you to make smart marketing and sales decisions based on said data. You can use a call tracking solution to gauge consumer response to campaigns, get important metrics like caller number and duration, and even record conversations for better insights.

How does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking solutions provide a unique tracking number for each customer engagement point. When a customer makes a call, the tracking number associated with the call tells you where it came from. All calls made via tracking numbers are routed through your call tracking software where you can record and listen to each conversation.

Both traditional and digital advertising can take advantage of tracking numbers. It’s also possible to link tracking numbers to individual website visitors.

How does Call Tracking Increase Sales

Leverage Your Ads

Let’s say you’re running several ad campaigns. You are getting results, but don’t know which campaigns are producing the best results.

It’s crucial that you find your best-performing ad campaigns so that you can leverage them to get more conversions. Using call tracking can resolve this problem by identifying the marketing source where your highest number of calls are coming from. As a result, you can focus on your best campaigns and scrap the ones not performing up to par. Consequently, your conversions go up, driving more sales.

You can also use call tracking to test the effectiveness of different landing pages to find the one with the most conversions.

Discover Effective Keywords

Call tracking solutions enable you to track the exact keywords that brought you customers. Mr. Wilson, who recently spent $10,000 on your service, followed the keyword “best home theaters” to find your site. With such information, you can track your best-performing keywords and invest in those words to generate more conversions.

Make the Most of Geographic Targeting

Call tracking solutions can also help you access data on the geographic locations of your potential leads. You can easily find out where the calls are coming from, down to the exact details like state and zip code.

You can use call tracking numbers for different marketing campaigns and observe the locations generating the most calls. You can then adapt your strategy to heavily target those geographical locations. Since the locations are already generating a response, your conversions will show considerable improvement over a short amount of time.

Save Missed Calls

Every missed call is a missed opportunity to generate sales! It’s normal that you may not be able to answer all calls, for various reasons. But does that mean you should give up on your potential customers who proceeded so far down the sales funnel?

Absolutely not! You can use call tracking to make the most of this situation. Call tracking solutions will provide data about missed calls, including the reasons they were missed. You can use the data to get back to your customers and bring them back into the buying process.

These solutions let you automate SMS or email notifications for every missed call. You can also use a callback widget where your visitors can leave their numbers and get a call back from your sales team.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are what every business wants! Satisfied customers spend more on your products and services, and become returning, loyal customers.

You can use call tracking to ensure an excellent customer service rapport with callers, which not only increases satisfaction, but ultimately drives sales. The solutions will give you accurate insights into your customers and sales reps who handle the calls. You can also listen to call recordings to determine customer problems, and the performance of your reps.

Consequently, you can tune and personalize your messages for the best results, and also address any gaps in the performance of your sales reps.

Call Tracking for Higher Sales and Revenues

Call tracking lets you leverage and nurture the leads that arrive through phone calls. You can use call tracking to measure the performance of your ads, sales reps, website elements and more. Based on the analytics provided by call tracking software, you can ultimately increase your conversions and get more sales. What are you waiting for?

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