How Call Tracking Leads to Business Growth – From Digital Marketing Experts

Call tracking helps you measure your inbound leads and tells you exactly where your leads are coming from. But those aren’t the only things that make call tracking crucial to your business. When stats show that 65% of customers still prefer to call a business, call tracking becomes the foundation of your marketing efforts.

We asked several digital marketing experts how call tracking affects a business. Here’s what they had to say!

Call Tracking Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

Call tracking is necessary to measure the outcome of your marketing efforts. You can optimize your marketing campaigns based on the data provided by call tracking. If you keep doing this regularly, you’ll have a formula for success.

Call tracking offers a complete picture of your leads. You know who your leads are, their source of origin, time and date of the call, and more. For example, if you have several PPC ads running, you can track which ads are generating the most inbound leads.

Call tracking enhances your marketing efforts with the right data. One of our clients installed call tracking and saw most of their calls came after 5pm. As a result, they decided to hire someone who could take the calls from home. This was also made possible using the call forwarding feature of call tracking software.

You can use call tracking to improve customer service. Call tracking solutions like CallGear can record calls that can be used for quality assurance. You can evaluate the performance of call handlers, provide feedback and train them as required. CallGear also provides real-time customer information and can be integrated with almost any CRM for context-based and personalized customer experiences.

Call tracking solutions provide extensive reporting. You can measure the volume of calls, date, time, and other metrics for any date range. Armed with this information, you can decide what works best for your business.

You can Measure the Success of Your Paid Advertising

Call tracking is the perfect tool to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. You can track calls for both online and offline channels including social media, Google Ads, TV, print and more.

Through call tracking, it’s also possible to set up call extensions for Google Ads. These let people call your business directly from the ads without even visiting your site. You can also track all call extensions and see which ones are performing better.

Call tracking also helps you track conversions from social media ads. Just include a number in each of your ads and then see which one leads to more calls.

Call tracking lets you measure the effectiveness of landing pages connected to special promotions or PPC campaigns. You can:

  • Analyze the quality of each lead by reviewing call recordings
  • Track leads from email automation messages
  • Measure the success of different pages of your website

Optimize Ads and Marketing Campaigns

You can dive deeper into the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of your customer using call tracking. Then use the data to optimize your marketing efforts. How do you do that exactly?

  • Track the specific keywords your callers used to reach you through a keyword report. Then optimize the keywords that bring most leads to leverage your SEO.
  • Discover the exact channels the calls are coming from. You can do this by generating a source report.
  • Find out the location of your callers. Then target the geographic regions from which most calls originate.

Boost Your Local SEO Efforts

Google demands your business details like name, address and phone number to be consistent in order to reap local SEO benefits. Known as NAP consistency, this is often worrisome to businesses. Why?

Because you can lose your search ranking by just changing your phone number!

Call tracking lets you choose a static number for your business. Allowing you to keep changing the number the calls are forwarded to. This even works for franchises and keeps the business number static, while the ‘ring to’ number changes.

You can do all of these without affecting your ranking as your NAP remains constant.

Final Thoughts

Call tracking uncovers the mystery of your leads and tells you where to concentrate your campaigns. Use call tracking to supplement your digital marketing efforts and reap higher conversions and sales.

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