Customizing Call Tracking Efforts: Tips to Follow

“Hello you have reached XYZ Corp, please wait while we connect you to our customer care executive. The expected wait time is eight minutes. We appreciate your patience.”

What do you think most customers do next?

They hang up. Not so patient after all.

Research suggests that one out of three customers will not work with a company that fails to provide an adequate human touch. This means that when a potential lead calls, they do not want an automated response. You need a call tracking solution that fixes this problem. You need advanced features like speech analytics and dynamic number insertion. And you need one that helps you offer that personalized touch.

Importance of Human Touch

Before purchasing a product or service, 70% of consumers feel secure and confident speaking to an operator. Also, 64% of people get frustrated when they cannot reach a business over the phone. For businesses, utilizing the human interaction is a necessity. You cannot restrict your availability to online platforms.

A recent study from ResponseTap polled 4000 US consumers and concluded that 74% like to speak to an executive before making a purchase.

Here are 5 tips to adding a human touch to call tracking.

5 Tips to Adding a Human Touch to Call Tracking

The internet is a great way to establish a brand identity, but not always for converting leads into revenue. Call tracking is an essential tool to get information about inbound calls. This information includes: the marketing sources that trigger calls, geographic and demographic information of callers, and at what time most calls come in (peak hours). You can use this information to convert your leads by making adjustments to your marketing campaigns.

If you want to improve CTR and sales, adding a human touch to call tracking is a must.

65% of businesses list phone calls as a consistent lead source. So how can you ensure your efforts don’t go unnoticed when a customer decides to go offline and give you a call?

Use these simple tips to add a human touch and keep the business running.

Add Your Contact Number

Don’t skip to the next tip yet! We are not talking about adding a phone number on the ‘Contact Us’ page in the tiniest font possible. 51% of visitors leave the website if the number is limited to a single page.

Go the extra mile and add a working phone number at the top of every page. If you are not making contacting you easy, you are missing out on business. Without thorough contact information on the website, your customers will switch to a competitor.

The funneling process becomes a breeze as soon as you get the prospect to call you. So enter a valid contact number as a heading on every page and turn your business around.

Don’t Overload with Technical Terms

If you offer a specific service, you can’t assume that the customer is an expert in all of your technical terms. The prospect is not always well-versed and common phrases to you can be gibberish to them.

Use simple, yet sophisticated language to make them feel comfortable. Relate to them. Using complex language on a brand website can isolate and confuse prospects.

Make it Easy for Mobile Users

We live in the age of mobile phones. Make it simpler for mobile users to reach you and generate quick reports. You can either capitalize on or miss out on leads, but the fact is that most people search for your business on their phone.

Optimize your website to work just as well on mobile phones as it does on a desktop. Navigating through a messy website on the phone makes the prospect immediately tap the ‘back’ button.

No Automated Answers

Lastly, it may be the age of technology, but a customer would still rather talk to a human when they call a number for information. A human answering the call will make the potential prospects more comfortable and increase your chances of scoring leads. When a customer calls your business, they are halfway through the buying process. You only need to answer a few general questions before closing in on a caller.

So, when a lead calls your business, make sure a real person answers, and not an automated machine. Get a competitive advantage and grow your business with call tracking.

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