How to Add a Human Touch to Call Tracking: The Top Tips

Tips for Adding a Human Touch to Call Tracking:

Calling is still a predominant way of generating leads in this digital age. In fact, 65% of customers still choose to contact a business via the phone. Another 75% of customers feel that calling is still the optimal way to get a quick response from a company.

The number of calls made to businesses is predicted to cross the mark of 169 billion per year by 2020. Yet, 85% of potential customers are not satisfied with their on-the-phone experience with companies. Why is this so?

According to Google, 57% of people expect to talk to a real person when they call your business.

The truth is, most companies fail to offer a human touch for their callers. Nobody wants to get lost in the maze of voice assistants, jumping from one option to another, without having anyone to speak to!

It’s great if you use tools like CallGear for call tracking, but are you able to offer the human touch that your customers desire?

Fret not, as we’re going to provide some really helpful tips that will enable you to enhance your call tracking by adding that much-needed human touch. So let’s dive in!

1. Have a Real Person Receive Customer Calls

The best way to add a human touch to your call tracking platform is to have a real person answer customer calls. In some cases, it’s absolutely necessary, as 59% of people call to get a quick answer from a company. You should also have a person handling purchase queries, as 61% of customers call a business when they are in the purchasing phase of the sales funnel.

You surely don’t want to lose all those customers by using a voice assistant!

2. Retain the Identity of Your Brand

Most businesses have moved online, changing the ways we interact with customers. Calling offers the perfect opportunity to extend the warmth and friendliness of your brand that’s missing on digital channels.

Train your call representatives to greet each caller. Even a simple question like “How are you doing today?” can go a long way to evoke an emotional response and add a human touch to your call tracking.

Your call representatives should also be patient, and never get upset if the caller asks silly or repetitive questions. They should be there to help the customer kindly and cordially.

You can listen to call recordings using call tracking software like CallGear to assess employee performance. Then you can focus on training representatives who aren’t doing so well.

3. Empower Your Call Representatives with Customer Data

Your customers don’t really like to repeat their names and other details every time they call you. They expect you to know them and offer a context-based service. One of the best ways to leverage human touch is to empower your call representatives with customer data.

Call tracking enables you to know who your callers are, from where they are calling, amongst other details. You can also integrate call tracking solutions like CallGear with your CRM and map the entire customer journey. This enables your representatives to greet callers by name and enhance customer interaction using concrete data like purchase history and more.

The process not only enables you to add a human touch, but also provides a great opportunity to push relevant products or services to customers with high chances of conversion.

4. Evaluate Customer Sentiment

Evaluating customer sentiments will help you convert customer woes into potential opportunities by adding that human touch.

Call tracking solutions like CallGear can convert calls into text transcriptions. You can access each conversation to see what your customers are thinking or feeling. The solution also automatically tags conversations and creates a list of keywords or phrases used.

This helps you assess customer sentiments easily and refine your communication for a more personalized experience.

5. Keep Communication Simple

One of the biggest facilitators of human touch is simple communication. Using complex language while speaking to your customers can isolate and confuse them. This will have a direct effect on your conversions, as customers will likely shift to your competitors if they don’t feel comfortable.

Always speak in a language that everybody understands, and maintain a professional yet friendly tone.

Wrapping Up

Always treat your customer as an individual and train your call handlers so that they are able to offer that human touch. You can also use our tips to create the optimal on-the-phone experience for your customers.

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