The Top 3 Call Tracking Case Studies You Need to Know About

Case studies are a critical part of any marketing strategy. If you’re wondering whether a call tracking solution is right for you, why not look at real-life examples? How did other companies fare after using a reliable call tracking solution?

Can you really better user experience in a cost-effective way with call tracking?

What is Call Tracking?

How does your call tracking solution work? Does it have features like dynamic number insertion, where you can assign local numbers to your ads and track each one individually?

What about tracking leads by inserting a tracking number in your PPC and other advertising methods to gain marketing insights?
all tracking software tells you whether your clients come from the online ad, print ad or any other source. At Call Gear, we show you where all of your leads come from.

Still not convinced?

Once you learn about the importance of call tracking, you’ll see how effective it can be.. We assist you in eliminating marketing campaigns that do not generate any ROI.

The Importance of Call Tracking

Finding information on calls is the primary benefit of call tracking. However, what makes it right for your marketing campaigns?

Call tracking does not solely optimize your marketing campaigns. Knowing what to do with the data gathered decides whether your campaign is a hit or miss.

Determining the following factors necessary for marketing becomes easy with call tracking.

Finding the Highest Earning Landing Page

The process of assigning individual numbers to different campaigns is called dynamic call tracking, and it provides different results for each campaign. This method proves perfect for A/B testing and shows you which landing page has the highest ROI.

Number of Calls

Check your call statistics and find the patterns associated with each campaign using your reporting.

This allows you to compare data from different sources and readjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Many other factors such as peak hours, keywords included in the campaigns, and the call duration play important roles in call tracking.

Now let’s move on to the three case studies that prove call tracking works.

The Club Corp Case Study

Club Corp focuses on delivering high-quality customer experiences and operates more than 150 clubs and resorts. The corporation wanted detailed information about not only the number of calls it was driving to each location, but also the departments to which the calls were made.

Club Corp assigned 750 unique numbers to the different departments and directed their resources more towards the departments with better outcomes. The business even targeted certain employee conversations, like the event and membership directors.

Collecting information about all of these departments and campaigns allowed Club Corp to refine their marketing strategies. It also allowed them to direct resources and employees to the places where they performed the best.

The Montgomery Family Law Case Study

The Montgomery firm specializes in family law and divorce. Like any other law firm they were listed on multiple websites and as one would expect, it made managing all the listings a nightmare.

To channel all the listings the firm turned to call tracking. It gave them a better idea of which websites directed caller towards them. This helped the firm allocate more resources to the websites with higher ROIs. After switching to call tracking their conversion rate increased by 40%.

The NYC SEM Case Study

This NYC-based digital marketing agency turned to call tracking to prove that they delivered above-average ROI to their clients. Above-average is an understatement, because when the call tracking results came in they calculated an impressive ROI of 800%.

Spending a modest 1000USD the agency proved that their relatively simple ads were bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for clients every month. The managing director switched to call tracking and was able to easily manage web conversions.


Utilizing call tracking numbers for your marketing campaigns both online and offline, is the most effective way to see which campaigns bring in the most revenue.

Call tracking is what you need to do more. Track all calls generated through different campaigns. Record calls automatically. Use speech analytics. For small scale and large scale business owners, call tracking can turn their digital marketing efforts around and save them a lot of money.

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