7 Ways Marketing Agencies in the UAE gain and retain clients with Call Tracking

Are you a marketing agency in the UAE that wants to win more market share? Are you looking to optimize your marketing budget and bring in more clients? Are you looking to provide a call tracking service on a white label basis to your customers?

CallGear call tracking might be the perfect solution for you.

Call tracking software is a way for companies to understand the ins and out of their business through phone calls. Whether it’s data regarding customers, employees, marketing, sales, operations, or more, calls tell you A LOT more than you think.

Let’s start with the basics. How does call tracking work?

Say someone looking for a marketing agency in the UAE searches ‘agency Dubai’ on Google. You own a marketing agency and bid on the keywords and/or phrases ‘agency, Dubai,’ which is obviously pretty common.

When your ad pops up on Google, a phone number is attached to that ad.

But how do you know which number to use? Is it your office? Your cell? How do you know who is calling you? How can you tell if it’s from this specific Google ad?

These questions are all answered and solved with call tracking software.

Call tracking software provides what’s called a virtual number to that advertisement. A virtual number is a specific number used for a specific ad. You can have thousands of virtual numbers for thousands of ads, and each one will lead to your office, your cell, wherever you want that call to be redirected.

With call tracking, you can receive information on where the number is being dialed from (geographically), who is calling (demographically), and most importantly, WHICH AD source made this person call.

It can be an online source through Facebook, Google, a landing page, etc. Or an offline source like a newspaper, billboard, or radio ad.

SO… how does call tracking influence your marketing campaigns? When you discover which ad sources bring in the most calls, you can redirect your entire marketing budget towards ads that work. That’s MORE money to your business.

When you discover WHO and WHERE your customers are, you can refine your target customer and brand. Market more to specific people in specific places that are the most effective.

Call tracking software analyzes and organizes all of this information in your personalized tracking dashboard and reports the findings to you every day.

You’ll be able to discover more about your calls, customers, products, and services after a few days, than you have in years.

Here are the 7 Reasons UAE Marketing Agencies Gain & Retain with Call Tracking

1. Never miss a call again.

When your clients do not utilize call tracking software, they are unable to track missed calls. That means every single call that isn’t answered, is completely lost.

Not only does CallGear store all missed calls in your dashboard and report information on the caller, we even offer an extremely effective feature called Auto Callback.

Callgear’s Auto Callback feature connects you to a lead over the phone in seconds, you just have to pick up.

How does that work!?

The Auto Callback service will allow you to instantly process every application form on your website. Within 30 seconds, or at a scheduled time, one of your team members will automatically connect to a lead over the phone.

Through the CallGear software, when a lead fills out an application form on your website, they can click to send a request to receive a call from your business.

The user decides when they want to receive a call back. Either right away, or later on.

If they choose to receive a callback immediately, your Virtual PBX system will call the lead, SIMULTANEOUSLY call the appropriate department or sales manager, and connect the two. If they choose to receive a callback at a scheduled time, the same exact thing will happen at the time specified.

With Auto Callback, you can respond quickly and appropriately to expensive leads, and stop wasting time and money on missed business opportunities.

2. Analyze every marketing channel in one place.

Without call tracking, your clients don’t have a constantly updating in real-time dashboard that tells them which advertisement sources are generating specific calls.

Every single ad, whether offline or online, is blended into one number that makes zero sense. What was the point in investing in newspapers? Why bother showing up on Google Search?

When you aren’t able to apply virtual numbers to each individual ad and collect data that will redefine your marketing campaign, you are operating extremely inefficiently. And nobody wants that.

When you focus on the right ads, you OPTIMIZE YOUR MARKETING BUDGET, that means you only spend money on ad sources that bring in business.

3. Know which keywords WORK.

Once you have the ability to analyze which call sources are effective in garnering leads, your call tracking software will provide you with a full report on which ads to focus on and retarget.

CallGear will also give you a full keyword analysis on which words and phrases attract the most customers. You can then apply these keywords not only to other ads, but webpages, blog posts, and even in customer conversations.

Without call tracking you and your clients can’t optimize their ad campaigns. So why should they work with you?

Which leads us to the dual use of CallGear for marketing agencies. YOU can benefit from Call Tracking… and so can your clients…

4. Use CallGear white label for your clients and they will NEVER overspend again.

Marketing agencies, not only can you use CallGear to bring in your OWN business, but you can offer our services on a white label basis to your clients as well to stand out amongst the competition.

If your clients can’t see which ads lead to inbound calls, they end up spending an equal amount of money across all marketing efforts.

But what if you can tell them they will NEVER spend money on ineffective marketing sources again? What if you can tell them you have a magical software that will ensure they never miss a lead again?

Marketing agencies… let’s team up.

5. Your clients can have the BEST call handlers and customer service.

Without call tracking software, your clients do not have access to call-recording and monitoring.

You can record EVERY call with CallGear’s Call Recording feature to transcribe, analyze, and learn from each conversation held over the phone.

Have the sales team test out different scripts or pitches to find out which closes the most deals.

Listen to customer questions, wants, and needs, to understand the life of their customer and how to retain them.

Know your highest sales performers. Know your customers.

You need to give your clients confidence, and that stems from being able to prove your value. Implementing call tracking is vital to generating leads, and your clients barely have to lift a finger to integrate it.

6. Integrate with all of your business tools.

Worried about all the software you use for leads and customers? Well don’t!

With CallGear, we can integrate with your CRM, sales, and/or marketing tools to help organize and qualify every lead in one place.

We’re all on the same team and finding the tools that work best together is a CallGear specialty.

7. Understand WHO your customer is.

Once CallGear’s call tracking software is implemented into your business, (takes less than 10 minutes to get started), you can instantly track, organize, and analyze data on all of your leads.

Who is using a marketing agency these days? Is it new businesses? Is it UAE citizens getting beaten by the competition? All of this information and more can be found in your CallGear dashboard.

Use this data to focus on the highest quality leads, use it to retarget a certain group of people, use it to refine your brand.

CallGear Call Tracking will guarantee that you increase your marketing ROI, stand out from the competition, refine your brand, and never miss a lead again.

Give CallGear a try today!

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