Power Your Conversions from Outbound Sales Calls with Local Caller ID

What do you usually do when a call comes from a toll-free number or an unfamiliar area code?

Most people will disconnect the call on the first instance without giving it a second thought! They’ll think of it as an unwanted sales call that they don’t need to pick up. So, if you depend on outbound calls, all your call efforts of scoring leads or sales will go in vain.

So, how can you ensure your customers answer the phone?

You can use local phone numbers and become a power caller, and successfully have your calls answered. Let’s see how a local caller ID goes a long way to increase conversions and ultimately, sales.

1. Local Phone Calls Increase Connection Rates

People are more likely to pick up calls from familiar numbers that have local area codes. This has been proven by a survey, which found people are 400% more likely to pick up calls that have local area codes. So the next time you dial a customer, use a local number.

You can use toll-free and international numbers for your customer service, but doing so for outbound sales calls is not recommended.

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2. Local Phone Calls Create Curiosity

Most users answer a call out of curiosity when they see it coming from a local number. They may wonder if it’s from someone they know but don’t have the number saved on their phones. Some people may also wonder whether it’s the doctor’s clinic or the restaurant calling to confirm an appointment or reservation.

So if you use a phone number for sales, go for local numbers to persuade your customers to answer the call.

Generate curiosity in your callers

3. Become a Power Caller and Increase Callbacks

People are more likely to call you back when your sales team uses a local caller ID. The same goes for advertisements, where customers prefer to have local numbers to call from an ad.

You can also use Virtual PBX solutions to direct each customer to reps who have greater product knowledge, instead of sending them to a general sales line.

Use local call numbers to encourage call backs

4. Local Phone Calls Enhance Customer Experience

Customers prefer local phone calls and are more likely to answer them. But what happens when they don’t?

Well, your reps can always leave a voicemail for the local calls they make to customers. When customers call back, you can connect them to the original rep for superior customer service. Solutions like CallGear can automatically route customers to specific reps based on the local numbers they call.

As a result, you can provide the right information and a context-based service, ensuring a great customer experience.

Local numbers for a great customer experience

5. Target Local Customers

If you want to target the local customers of a country, county or state, local numbers are the way to go. Don’t make the mistake of using toll-free or international numbers, as customers will think it’s coming from some other place, and disconnect the call!

Target local customers with local calls

Final Thoughts: Use Virtual PBX With Local Phone Calls for Optimum Results

Using local numbers shouldn’t become a hassle and cause problems for your sales process. You need something to manage local numbers and area codes without your agents having to spend too much time on it.

The best way to harness the power of local caller ID is to use a solution like CallGear. The solution will automatically assign local numbers and area codes based on the location of each caller. Your agents don’t have to manually select a number each time or worry about whether they’re using the right number.

Here are some other great benefits of CallGear services!

  • Automate various tasks in calling process
  • Track the conversions from your outbound sales calls
  • Qualify leads in a simple manner
  • Measure your campaigns and ROI

We hope you learned something today. Check out CallGear for all of your call tracking and local number needs!

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