Automating the Sales & Communication Processes of a Federal Business with amoCRM and CallGear

Colleagues from the KIT Consulting integrator shared their story about how amoCRM (a cloud-based CRM system) and CallGear telephony can effectively automate the sales & communication processes of a federal business that opens one new regional office per day.

Brief summary about the case: The company’s field of activity is the provision of services for issuing visas to any country in the world. The company is actively opening offices in many regions of the country to organize and franchise their business. The company helps to prepare thousands of travel documents per year. At the moment, the company’s branches are open in more than 40 major cities.

Goal: Centralized Sales & Communication Automation

The rapid growth of the company and the geographical distribution of branches opened by franchising revealed the need to implement a centralized automation of their sales and communication processes. The KIT Consulting integrator faced the following tasks:

  1. Reorganize the current messy IT infrastructure of the company.
  2. Make the process of connecting new franchise partners fast and easy.
  3. Ensure transparency of the work done by the franchisee to instill overarching control and support by the central office.

Based on an audit of their sales process, the company realized the need to automate their processes both internally between offices, and externally with customers. The core of this new infrastructure would be the integration of CallGear Virtual PBX, and the amoCRM CRM system.

Why CallGear?

CallGear was chosen due to the following advantages:

  1. High quality communication, reliability, and minimal error at a reasonable price. CallGear is extremely effective when thousands of calls are made by branch operators from around the country, every day. With their software, every call can be tracked, organized, and transferred with ease.
  2. CallGear Virtual PBX has an unbelievably wide range of functions. Operator control and call distribution is very important for such an extensive sales force, but is only the base of what the CallGear Virtual PBX can actually do.
  3. Regional phone numbers. The availability of CallGear virtual numbers in ANY REGION covers all the current and future needs of the company to expand their branch network, allowing a single telecom operator to reach any part of the country.
  4. CallGear offers an individualized approach when integrating with a CRM. The CallGear API’s rich call management capabilities has the potential to seamlessly integrate with a CRM like amoCRM, meeting the branch’s requirements that all software work in tandem.

Why amoCRM?

First, the client was pleasantly surprised by the simple amoCRM interface that any regional partner can quickly understand and navigate.

Second, the financial cost of implementation and customization of the CRM, taking into account the integration, turned out to be acceptable even for smaller branches.


The first stage of implementation for the new infrastructure was to set up an amoCRM account according to the business’s requirements:

  • Transference of deal / client information from disparate tables
  • Customization of statuses and fields in the CRM
  • Creation of automated processes (tasks, fields, statuses, notifications, etc.)
  • Differentiation of access rights amongst employees
  • Improved functionality of print forms from the amoCRM interface
  • Personalized reporting and easy-to-use dashboards

As the CRM was being installed, KIT also configured the CallGear Virtual PBX, loaded a greeting message, set up a voice menu and call forwarding scripts, connected dedicated virtual numbers to all branches, and set up SIP phones or a softphone plus headset for all employees. Getting both amoCRM and CallGear up and running and integrated was quick and readily available to the federal business team.

Despite launching an entirely new infrastructure, the company was experiencing positive changes in their business practices in no time. The KIT Consulting team was able to track these improvements and analyze the impact on the federal business overall.


1. Automatic website generator for new franchisees

KIT developed an IT solution that allowed the federal business to create a website for each new franchisee and place it on a single server. As a result, the process of connecting and placing a new site on the hosting site was reduced to 5 minutes. The only requirement was to fill out a small registration card for the new franchise partner. The company’s employees were able to create a corporate partner website without involving a technical specialist at all!

Customer applications from the new sites automatically appeared in amoCRM without unnecessary settings changes and were distributed amongst managers in the corresponding region.

2. Integration of CallGear Virtual PBX with amoCRM

Because KIT needed to geographically correct the distribution of calls to managers, the service had to adjust their practices with their new IP telephony and CRM. After integration, when the company would receive an incoming call, its regional affiliation was automatically determined, and an API request was made to amoCRM in order to get the next available manager according to the distribution algorithm from the corresponding region. Controlling the call through the CallGear API, the incoming call was connected to the manager’s phone. In amoCRM, a card with customer information on the caller appeared. As a result, a contact and a deal were instantly created, with a link to a recording of the conversation.

These developments have become a serious help to the company’s central office, allowing them to focus on scaling the business without worrying about tedious technical maintenance or having to use completely different systems in different locations.

Major Results:

  1. Reduced tech costs
  2. Increased sales conversions
  3. Consistent franchise royalties

Once the new business infrastructure was established, the federal business aimed to maximize profits. Their two main sources of income were:

  • The development of a franchise network throughout the country.
  • Their provision of services for issuing visas from their central office.

Previously, these two sources of cash flow were not connected in any way. Both allowed the business to make money, but neither helped them efficiently grow.

With amoCRM and CallGear, these two sources of income were able to sync up:

  • A geographically distributed franchise cluster of partners was created in a ‘single window’ in their CRM. This gave amoCRM the ability to automatically forward all incoming calls from any citizen to the right manager at the right location, depending on the region of the caller.
  • The speed of processing requests from customers to the central office and new franchisees (partners) was drastically increased with the CallGear Virtual PBX. Each request or form was displayed in the CallGear dashboard for a specific sales team to qualify leads and close deals.

The result was a decrease in head office communication costs, an increase in the conversion of regional applications to sales, and an increase in total franchise royalties. Problems solved!

Your business can equally benefit from integrating your corporate system with CallGear telephony. Use ready-to-go integration solutions (including amoCRM, retailCRM, etc.) or build individual configurations based on the API using your own IT specialists or with the involvement of our partners at KIT Consulting.

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