Calling all Plumbers, Carpenters, Roofers, Landscapers – Get More Clients with Call Tracking!

You want to make more money. It’s as simple as that. And in the home services industry, there’s money to be made. The industry is worth over $600 BILLION in the US alone.

So, how do you increase profits? 

You get more clients. 

Call tracking software can bring your business more clients while also analyzing your advertising campaigns, monitoring your employees, reducing costs, and much more.

Here’s how it works:

Track Phone Numbers

Call tracking software puts virtual phone numbers everywhere your company is being advertised. Whether its online: Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, your website, or offline: Newspapers, business cards, billboards, shopping carts, etc.

The phone number that potential clients will dial from those ads will all lead to the same place, but it will allow you to know from exactly which source this person called from. 


This means you can now analyze how each of your advertisements perform, and adjust your advertising budget accordingly. If the shopping carts are bringing you the most calls, then spend more on carts and stop spending on the sources that aren’t working.

Retargeting your ads based on incoming calls can reduce marketing costs and bring in more clients. 

Understand Your Clients

Now that you are getting more calls because you’ve optimized your ad campaigns, it’s time to get to know your clients. Once you understand who uses your product, you can close more deals when the target customer calls.

With call tracking software, you can track the location of the caller, the demographic of the caller, the day & time they called, and why they called.


All of this data is updated in real-time on your call tracking analytics dashboard for you to observe.

If you realize 55% of your clients call from a specific town, you can shift your marketing efforts to that town.

If you realize that 65% of clients that call are between the ages of 35-50, you can update your Facebook/Instagram campaign. 

If you realize that 75% of your clients call on Tuesdays & Thursdays, make sure more employees are working on those days.

And if you realize that 90% of your clients call about ‘gardening deals,’ train your employees to pitch that deal more often and master their script.

Which leads to our next point…


Monitor Your Employees

You cannot bring in more clients if your employees that handle the phone aren’t doing their jobs. 

Call tracking software can record and transcribe phone calls between your customers and employees. This not only means you can automatically track keywords and phrases said by your customers, but you can see which employees are closing deals, which are slacking off, and how to improve your script and team.


If that means retraining staff, or even terminating staff, so be it. This is your company and you cannot deter potential clients. 

However, you cannot analyze phone calls that you don’t answer…

Track Missed Calls

…Unless you have a proper call tracking software.

According to Tinuiti, “29% of inbound calls result in a conversion, [and] most marketers and most companies don’t have a clue what their conversion rate is.


Do you know what your conversation rate is? 

Do you know how many calls are being ignored? How many clients are gone forever!?

Call tracking software tracks information on every missed call from every source, and alerts your company in real-time.

If you never want to miss a call, call tracking software can link any phone number to your home or cell (or your employee’s home or cell), to assure calls are answered throughout the day.

Get More Clients

The home services industry is ENORMOUS. There are millions of clients every year that need your services. But you need to do your part in helping them out. 

With call tracking software, you can optimize your marketing budget by focusing on the right ads and cutting spend on the wrong ones. You can track calls both answered and missed back to their original source, and understand who is calling your company. 

You can increase profits by following all of these EASY steps. Call tracking does the work for you. You just get to reap the benefits.

If you think you can benefit from call tracking software, give ours a try.


CallGear is an online service that shows where the phone leads come from. With CallGear dashboards you monitor and report your performance in real time. It could be any information like call duration, lead type, lead source or even a reason why a call was missed. 

Clear and simple real-time reporting, call insight with Speech Analytics, and AI powered SmartTag for Inbound Call Qualification.


Whether you’re a plumber, carpenter, roofer, landscaper, or anything and everything in between… better understand your customers. Save money on ads. And make money on conversions. Call tracking will make you happy. 100% Guaranteed. 

Find a software that allows your business to be there for your customers. 

The phone is ringing… are you going to pick it up? (Figuratively speaking of course, I know you will physically pick up the phone if it’s ringing).  

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