How to Use Call Transcription for Business Growth

Companies in the past have used call transcriptions mainly for training and assessment, but this data holds quite a huge potential for businesses today. Used in the right way, voice transcriptions can help discover customer trends and help your business grow significantly.

In this post, we’re going to explore call-to-text transcriptions and establish a few uses cases for your business.

What is Call Transcription?

Call transcription refers to the voice-to-text analysis of phone or video calls. Whatever is spoken during the call is translated into text and stored in your internal company database or call management platform.

Call transcription

How to Transcribe Calls

Here’s a brief overview of how real-time transcription and other techniques work:

Live Transcription Based on Past Recordings
Method Happens in real-time, as the call goes on Transcripts are made from call recordings
  • Increases accessibility
  • Suitable for people with hearing disabilities
  • Analysis and quality checks
  • Training and assessment
  • Information collection

Companies can take the help of a call transcription service or software to convert calls to text. Call tracking solutions like CallGear offer automatic call transcription features that can transcribe phone calls into text in a matter of seconds.

Why Should Businesses Transcribe Phone Calls?

Businesses transcribe phone calls to text for a number of reasons. Traditionally, call transcriptions were used for employee assessment and training. But with advanced transcription features from solutions like CallGear, you can do more with call transcriptions. Here are some use cases you should consider:

Tracking Customer Information

Text allows businesses to conduct an advanced search and has much deeper analysis features compared to audio. Using CallGear transcriptions, you can easily track conversations using phrases and keywords. Extracting customer information and other data becomes easy and convenient, and eliminates the need of listening to hours of call recordings.

Arranging and Categorizing Calls

You can automatically tag and categorize calls based on the same keyword tracking method. If a customer mentions price in their call, it can be automatically categorized as a ‘price inquiry.’ Then, you can follow up on these inquiries and convert leads to customers.

Assessing Lead Quality

Call transcripts for lead scoring

Scoring leads is an essential task for every business. You don’t want to run after leads that have zero chance or a very low chance of converting. CallGear makes lead scoring easy through automated software and call speech transcriptions. You can assess the transcriptions or track phrases to determine a buyer’s intent or track where they are in the sales pipeline.

Study Customer Behavior

Know your customers better through call transcriptions. There’s no need to listen to hours of conversations, just go over the text transcriptions and discover trends in customer behavior. With the right information, you can market and sell your products better, aligning your actions with your customers’ needs.

Employee Performance

You can use call transcriptions instead of call recordings to assess employee performance. The call transcripts of top employees can also be used as training material to fill gaps in the skills of other agents.


Call transcriptions can serve as evidence for compliance with various rules and regulations. But be sure first to find out if call recording and transcribing is legal in your jurisdiction.

Final Thoughts

Once you discover the power of call transcriptions, you can use them for various business objectives. You can also enhance both internal and external company communication and create the best experience for your customers. Consider going with a reliable solution like CallGear to get the most out of your call transcriptions!

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