IP Telephony for Medicine: How to Increase the Number of Processed calls by 60% and free your managers’ time by 20%

Often, a clinic employee simply does not have enough time to provide a client with a quality consultation. In addition to answering calls, the managers serve patients at the reception desk, process online applications, and have to fill out various online reports and enter customer information every day. As a result, callers do not receive the information they need, hang up, and reach out to another organization. And the clinic loses the potential customer.

The Client

MirraMed is a medical center. They provide services in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology for the face and body, using advanced technologies for skin rejuvenation and correction.

The Problem

Controlling all communications between managers and clients became extremely difficult for the clinic. Whether it was being patient and undertanding with callers, explaining promotions and new services, or relaying all necessary information to a potential customer, call handlers became overwhelmed and unable to keep up with incoming requests.

Routine operations, such as filling out spreadsheets and compiling reports, took up too much time as well, which, as a result, did not leave enough time for quality patient consultation over the phone.

CallGear Features Used

CallGear Features Used

The Solution

Our solution was to combine CallGear communication tools with client’s CRM in a single workspace. This made the process for handling calls and requests more efficient, organized, and trackable.

Calls could now be made or received in one click.

When you enter customer information, a card with call and visitation history appears on the screen.

A record of telephone conversations will now be saved, which can be listened to by both the administrator to clarify the details of communication with the client, and the manager in order to observe employees.

“It is very important to be able to see the history of communication with the client and listen to call records. If early calls are unsuccessful, they can now be reviewed, modified, and outreach to a lost client can be arranged. Now, we can revive 10-15% of poorly processed calls, increasing the number of new patients to the clinic.” Head of Sales Department, Mirramed LLC

We were also able to automate routine processes. The CallGear system shows a complete picture of the clinic’s communications, maintains and stores all statistics on phone calls, and monitors the efficiency of employees. Now, administrators are focused on improving customer service and increasing patient loyalty, without the distraction of filling out heaps of tables and reports, many of which were not even needed.

The Result

  • Becaues of our solution, MirraMed is now able to process 60% more phone calls with quality communication.
  • The conversion of calls to accurate records increased by 10% in 4 months.
  • And 20% of the managers’ working time was freed up to solve more important tasks.

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