Virtual Business Phone System for Car Dealerships: How to boost sales 2x

How do you successfully master a market segment that is fundamentally new? The key is to build a close relationship with your customers by using effective communication strategies and in-depth analytics.

The Client

LLC NEO CARS is selling premium Chinese electric vehicles. Their catalog includes premium models from TOP-10 world-famous manufacturers – Xiaopeng G3, Lixian One, Nio ES8, BYD Tang, BYD Han, Saic Marwel X, Neta U and others. Official warranty services are provided as well.

The Problem

Before modern telephony was connected, the client did not have an efficient sales process. The deals were sporadic, random, and unorganized. The sales managers could not trace the client’s path from the first call to a conversion. Nothing was being tracked!

The client’s product is attractive and promising, but still unfamiliar for custotmers. To sell an electric car, a car dealership manager must be a master of their craft and relinquish any customer doubts. In order to optimize the sales process, the client needed modern sales technology designed to make the sales process as organized and controlled as possible. They needed to:

  • Link all communications and transactions in one place
  • Build a clear sales funnel in their CRM
  • Record and analyze all phone calls between managers and clients.

CallGear Features Used

Virtual Business Phone System for Car Dealerships: How to boost sales 2x

The Solution

We connected the CallGear communications platform and our ready-made integration with amoCRM.

“Every sales department should have telephony. We needed a solution that would allow us to build on the hard work of the department, retain our clients, and ensure constant corporate communication. Initially, we were choosing between two providers – we opted for CallGear because of their high-quality and responsive technical support.” Assistant Commercial Director NEO CARS

After implementing CallGear, the client received the following benefits:

  • The sales department was now equipped with modern business telephony. Customers can call a single landline number, and calls are automatically transferred to the managers’ mobile numbers.
  • Virtual telephony allows dealership managers to handle calls using their mobile phones rather than landline office phones. Employees are no longer tied to a specific workplace, they have the ability to communicate with clients from anywhere, while all phone calls are recorded and synchronized in amoCRM.
  • All customer records are linked to specific deals and are available in customer cards in amoCRM. This makes it easy to build and analyze your sales funnel.

The Result

Tracking, organizing, and analyzing the work of the sales department became transparent and crucial to the client’s growth. After implementation, the number of transactions for the client has doubled.

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