How to 70X Increase in Profits During Pandemic: Online Store Case

During the pandemic, certain products and services are in extremely high demand. And although receiving an abundance of inbound calls is a great sign for your company, the risk of losing these sales due to lack of time and resources increases. For businesses today, it is imperative to find a technological solution to automate your sales processes and maximize your profits.

The Client

The client we’ll discuss today sells medical consumables, including shoe covers, gloves, and masks. 85% of their sales are made through phone calls.

The Problem

In the first month of the coronavirus pandemic, the client faced a sharp increase in incoming requests. At their company-wide meeting, managers made it clear that they did not have enough time to serve all of the potential clients. They needed a special logic set up for distributing calls to the right departments and operators in order to process calls and requests on time.

CallGear Features Used

How to 70X Increase in Profits During Pandemic: Online Store Case

The Solution

For communication with customers and processing requests, we connected the CallGear communications platform. CallGear has a ready-made integration with amoCRM, which allows clients to set unique distribution scenarios for their phone calls.

“CallGear telephony is incredible because it can adapt to a non-standard business model. Our client fit that criteria. During our implementation of CallGear, most scenarios were being used for the sales department. We decided to change the call routing scheme to specific departments and specific employees – the capabilities of the amoCRM and CallGear bundle allowed us to quickly reconfigure everything.” Business Owner

The Result

We optimized the process of handling calls during peak hours. Tasks were now clearly assigned to the right employees, and most requests could be processed without wasting any time.

With the support of the CallGear communications platform, the company increased its profits by 70X during the pandemic. The staff of the sales team also increased by about 30% over the year, with our automation tools making it possible for the company to reach its potential.

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