How to reduce the number of lost calls to zero and increase the number of customer calls by 21%

How do you reduce the number of missed calls to your business if your total number of incoming calls keeps growing? CallGear solutions for cloud and mobile communications along with our integration with Bitrix24 can help! This solution allows you to combine office and remote employees in one simple network, and streamlines their communication with customers.

About the Client

The Kaurus Alliance company specializes in the supply of metalworking equipment and the integration of robotic systems from leading world brands. They work with both public and private clients. The range of their services includes turning and milling machines, sheet bending machines, metal cutting machines, grinding machines and more.

The company offers flexible payment terms and deeply studies the needs of each client. Specialists are always ready to help clients choose equipment for specific technological tasks.


1. An increased number of incoming calls led to inefficient call distribution.

As the company became larger, they began to offer new product lines. But with the increased flow of incoming calls, their call handlers had trouble handling specific call scenarios and connecting clients with the right specialist in a timely manner. It became extremely necessary to properly distribute incoming calls in order to:

  • Efficiently handle the influx of calls without slowing down
  • Increase customer loyalty with an individualized approach to each caller

2. Phone conversations were not being recorded

Recording phone calls with clients helps your company learn not only about customer needs, but informs product decisions, helps determine the best sales pitches, and stores information on calls for later use

  • A manager might not have time to capture an important nuance from a conversation with a client, call recording stops them from having to waste time calling back and asking more questions
  • You can also effectively train new employees by hearing which sales pitches bring in the most clients

3. Employees were using personal numbers instead of business numbers

There was no corporate mobile connection. Without special SIM-cards integrated into the general network of the company, employees communicated from their personal mobile numbers when they were out of the office or on a business trip. As a result:

  • Employees paid their own money for calls
  • Communication could not be monitored, recorded, or used to gather any sort of data

4. Kaurus Alliance did not want to give up their old phone number

Switching to new telephony was necessary, but the company was afraid to lose the business number they had been using and that customers had become familiar with.

CallGear Features Used

CallGear Features Used


Connecting the CallGear communication platform and its ready-made integration with Bitrix24 provides the following benefits:

1. Kaurus Alliance received fewer lost calls and gained a more individualized approach

CallGear set up efficient call routing scenarios. Calls from clients who had already contacted the company now go to the exact manager who spoke to them. This gives every single client an individualized approach to their needs. General calls are directed to the first available operator to optimize everyone’s time.

Each incoming call is also recorded in Bitrix24 where the lead is automatically created, and all calls are visible and well-organized. Because of this, the number of missed calls for Kaurus Alliance dropped to zero.

At the same time, the total number of incoming calls during the growth of business with the support of CallGear increased by 21% within 2 years.

2. Communication under control.

All conversations with clients are now recorded and attached to customer cards in Bitrix24. With this service:

  • All information can be easily recalled without calling the client back
  • New employees can adapt to the work process with ease

3. Mobile employees can now communicate as if they’re in the office!

Using smart SIM cards, corporate mobile communications can be efficient and organized from anywhere in the world. Managers who are on the road or on a business trip can have working mobile numbers included in your overall ecosystem. Their conversations over the mobile network are also recorded and stored in Bitrix24, just like conversations in the office via IP telephony.

4. Keep your old number!

We allowed Kaurus to keep their old number, which belonged to the previous provider, and switched it to the CallGear platform. Clients can still reach you at that number and we’ll take care of the rest!

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