Oazis Group Case Study: IP Telephony for Real Estate. How CallGear and amoCRM Integration Improved Quality of Service by 30%.

When a sales manager is in a more comfortable work environment, they perform better. This may seem obvious, but how do you get your team into that setting? Achieving automation and efficiency at all customer service levels starts with the communication platform CallGear and the management tool amoCRM.


Oazis Group is a company that develops cottage settlements. Clients buy plots both for the arrangement of suburban housing and for investment purposes. In the latter case, the buyer also receives a strategy developed by experts in the field to maximize their profits.

There are villages located close to the settlements, and the plot includes electricity, gas and water.

The Issue

The company calls its approach to business processes ‘pragmatic.’ To fully comply with this principle, a single platform was needed for conducting transactions, processing phone calls, and processing business documents. Without these tools, employees would have to perform all of these tasks manually, which would be incredibly time-consuming.

For example, if a client called back to continue a previous conversation, and his specific manager was absent, the employee would have to spend a lot of time looking for information on the transaction and get up to speed.

CallGear Features Implemented

CallGear Features Implemented

The Solution

  1. Automate the entire customer service cycle – from contacting to obtaining permits by the client. Thanks to the implementation of amoCRM, all processes of working with clients were now streamlined. The ready-made multifunctional integration of this system with the CallGear platform allows you to process calls within the CRM, automatically link them to transactions, and store conversation records in individual transaction cards. When a call from a client is received by a manager who is not yet familiar with the details of the transaction, a card with the entire history of communication for this client is immediately opened in the system. As a result, the quality of customer service has increased by 30% for Oazis Group.
  2. Implement a stable and high-quality communication platform. It is very important that the operator and the client hear each other perfectly well without lags or dips in service.
  3. Correct distribution of calls to employees. Thanks to flexible and efficient routing settings, we managed to choose a universal call distribution strategy that suits the company’s needs.
  4. Maintain transparent communication with clients. Recording telephone conversations allows employees to return to the transaction history at any time and clarify information. This is especially useful when the client’s needs are changing. The manager, in turn, can assess conversations and learn where they can improve their knowledge or pitch.
  5. Convenient dialing and recording numbers. When connecting telephony, the company acquired 2 numbers from the category “Silver numbers” with a beautiful and laconic combination of numbers.
  6. Qualified support. In working with our platform, a personal CallGear manager can guide your team until they are fully comfortable and getting everything they need out of the service.

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