IP Telephony for Education: Call Processing Accelerated by 1.5X, 70% of business saved during crisis. British Academic Center Case Study.

How does connecting advanced virtual telephony to your CRM significantly improve your business?

The market has been extremely volatile over the last year, and maintaining customer contact and loyalty is an absolute must. You need to understand how exactly a service will positively impact your business, and the only way to do that is with results. In this case study, we’ll share the story of an educational training center who without proper IP telephony, could have majorly jeopardized their business.

The Client

The British Academic Center is a foreign language school specializing in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Since 2020, most students at the school are taught online.

Highly qualified teachers from different countries are invited to work with the British Academic Center’s students. One of the main principles of the center’s work is an extremely individualized approach. School faculty members try to get to know each student personally, to discover what type of learner they are and how to best educate them.

The school actively works with corporate clients as well. ‘Students’ may consist of top managers at large companies. If students choose not to participate in online classes, offline classes are held at the specific customer’s site.

The Problem

  1. For three years, the school used third-party telephony services to process incoming calls, but the services were not client-oriented, and often resulted in a lack of proper communication.
  2. With a significant increase in clients, it became more and more difficult for managers to maintain relationships with each client. It also took too much manual work to track the progress of each student and where they were in the pipeline. After connecting a modern IP telephony service and an efficient CRM solution, the British Academic Center could finally start automating their processes, and keep track of their clients.
  3. CallGear Products Used

    CallGear Products Used


    1. We connected CallGear telephony and gave the center access to our responsive, always-ready support team, who are constantly available to speak to each client in their particular language and quickly help with any service settings.
    2. We set up the integration of CallGear telephony and amoCRM. This allowed us to optimize and offload the work of administrators, to make processing calls and transactions vastly simple, due to the following advantages:
      • Calls are accepted in one click in the CRM interface.
      • When you call through the CRM, a deal is automatically generated in the system.
      • All subsequent communications with the client are tied to that specific deal.
      • Clear analytics of the sales funnel are built. You can track how many interactions there were with each potential student, which lead is “warmer” than others, at what stage the deal is, etc.

    The Result

    1. Thanks to the integration of CallGear telephony and amoCRM, the speed of processing incoming calls by administrators has increased 1.5X.
    2. The wide functionality of telephony and the prompt processing of the customer base in the CRM tool made it possible to build close and continuous interactions with customers during the quarantine period. When it became necessary to close several branches of the school and transfer the training of nearly all students to online teaching, the ability to track all relationships and transactions through CallGear and amoCRM allowed The British Academic Center to retain 70% of clients, including the major corporate ones.
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