ALFAPOL Case Study: IP Telephony for Construction Company results in 90% less manual labor, 6X more transactions.

Connecting modern IP-telephony to your business can not only speed up call processing times, but it can also motivate your team to carry out larger-scale improvements for the business. At ALFAPOL, as soon as CallGear telephony and amoCRM were connected, business practices rose to the next level, forever abandoning notebooks and tedious spreadsheets. How? The seamless integration of telephony and CRM.


ALFAPOL LLC is engaged in the development of building materials for the installation of industrial floors and coatings. They’ve been on the market since 1997. Their customers are primarily industrial enterprises, including: nuclear, oil and gas industries, etc.

The company manufactures all materials domestically, and has a strong edge over competitors by offering affordable prices and building great relationships with customers.

The Issue

Before CallGear, ALFAPOL was using several telecom operators at the same time – meaning different automatic telephone exchanges were connected to branches in different regions. This caused the following inconveniences:

  1. It was economically disastrous to pay for the services of several providers at once.
  2. There was no single, company-wide interface in which ALFAPOL could store and listen to the recordings of conversations with employees and customers. The company prides itself on the quality of customer support and communication, but customers were not receiving answers to their questions in a timely manner. ALFAPOL was deferring to automated scripted responses as opposed to live communication with employees, the far and away preferred method by callers. Because ALFAPOL could not automatically record conversations for the CallGear platform to then analyze and report, employees were also expected to do manual note taking. This meant information was lost, missed, or a lot of the times entered incorrectly.

To summarize, there was no comprehensive solution for automating all call routine processes at the enterprise, such as: Sending notifications to employees and/or customers, working with technical specifications, exchanging technical information between managers and technical specialists, and much more.

CallGear Features Implemented

CallGear Features Implemented

The Solution

  1. We connected CallGear telephony and gradually transferred all employees over to the platform. Even at a higher quality of communication, prices were very competitive against the market – ALFAPOL actually saved money on communication. Our extremely responsive support managers helped to complete all the settings and adapt the service to exactly how ALFAPOL needed it.
  2. The CallBack Widget turned out to be a pleasant addition. It allows ALFAPOL to provide their clients with a choice – how do they want to be contacted by the company?
  3. The transition to new telephony made it easy to decide to implement amoCRM, since CallGear has a ready-made multifunctional amoCRM integration with the following advantages:
    • All communications with clients are processed in one place – amoCRM.
    • During any call, deals are automatically created in amoCRM, and all subsequent interactions with the client are updated in the same deal card. Even if you work on 10 different projects with the same client, the platform organizes each one in the amoCRM for you to find and take action on immediately.
    • The managers can now listen to the recordings of conversations of any employee from any branch in the CRM, analyzing and improving the work of their team and overall improving the company’s communications. In turn, an employee can easily open any recorded conversation (or a conversation of a colleague) in order to clarify technical details or recall information. Records are stored until no longer needed. When working on a long-term project, you can go back to a one-year-old call and restore the necessary details.

The functionality of amoCRM made it possible to cover automation needs of the company:

  • Segmenting the client base and quickly finding a desired project in the archive by type of object or building material.
  • Making all technical information available in a specific customer transaction in the CRM, including drawings and screenshots of handwritten records.
  • Enhancing the quality of customer service with smart alerts. When the company number is busy, a message is automatically sent to the subscriber’s number: “We will call you back.” When a letter is sent to a client (for example, with a commercial offer), notifications of this are sent to the recipient via SMS. Moreover, the manager can learn in real time that the client has opened the letter, and then the attachment. This allows the company to know exactly where the client is at in the communication process and treat them accordingly, or call back at an appropriate time.


Thanks to the automation of ALFAPOL’s business processes with CallGear, the manual work of employees was reduced by 90%. The number of contracts concluded has increased 6X.

*An added bonus was the fact that managers began to earn more money, because they were able to cut time on tedious administrative work and focus on speaking to clients and closing deals.

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