The CallGear Classroom: Web2Call 101

Welcome to The CallGear Classroom. Here, we’ll discuss and define call tracking terminology in a fun and simple way.

Our goal is for you fully understand how certain call tracking features work, and how they can help your business grow.

Let’s get started!

Before we dive into the Web2Call widget specifically, we have to backtrack a little.


What is a Widget?

A web widget is defined as “a web application that is embedded as an element of a host web page, but which is substantially independent of the host page, having limited or no interaction with the host.”


English, please.


Widgets are those little features on your webpage that might pop-up with the click of an icon, such as, “Live chat with a support specialist!” or “Sign up to receive 10% off!” 


Widgets might also just live on the sidebar of a website. A twitter widget for example can be your three most recent tweets that live update on the side of your webpage.


Widgets can be virtually anything, and put virtually anywhere. They are used for business, social, shopping, marketing, and everything in between.


Today, we’re going to focus on widgets that help businesses attract and track incoming calls, and report data in real-time.


So, what is Web2Call?

Web2Call is a call-me-back widget that businesses can add to any and all webpages on their website. It looks like this: 


The Web2Call phone widget, that lives right above the online chat widget, looks like this when clicked:


How does Web2Call work?

As you can see, the webpage visitor is asked to fill in their phone number and can either receive a callback immediately, or schedule a callback for a later date.


Once the information is entered, visitors simply click ‘Call me.’ 


Your company’s call management system (hopefully Virtual PBX), will call the visitor at the appropriate time, and simultaneously connect them to a salesperson or customer support specialist.


Within seconds, you are chatting with a potential customer.


You can also set the widget to pop up at certain times for different pages. It may pop up within the first few seconds on the homepage, but takes 10 seconds to pop up on the pricing page. That way when a customer is more interested you can draw attention to the call and get them on the phone.


Last, the widget color and style can be adjusted to fit your brand perfectly. 


How Does Web2Call help your business?

Web2Call widgets help your business in a few different ways. 


  1. Customer Convenience
    If a visitor has to spend time searching for a phone number on your website, you’ve already lost them. The Web2Call widget allows them to speak to a live rep with the click of a button. It’s also reassuring to customers that you are calling them, proving you value their time, and are not requiring them to waste time waiting for their call to connect.
  2. Track Callers
    Yes, it all comes back to call tracking. With the Web2Call widget, you can analyze how website visitors behave on different webpages, when and why they choose to receive a callback, and information on where they are calling from.All of this information will be displayed in your call tracking dashboard for you to learn about your customers and adjust your business accordingly.
  3. More Calls
    Web2Call attracts more calls to your business for no additional advertising costs. By tracking which widget scenarios trigger the most conversations, you can increase visitor to lead conversion and get more business.


Web2Call 101: SUMMARY

Let’s conclude with a quick review.


  • A widget is a pop-up or sidebar feature on a webpage that can be used for a variety of actions including calling, chatting, shopping, social, marketing, & more
  • Web2Call is a call-me-back widget that allows visitors to receive a call from your business in seconds
  • Web2Call can be on any webpage, in any color or style, and pop-up at any time
  • Web2Call helps your customers reach you fast, tracks data on callers, and overall helps get more calls for no additional costs


We hope you learned something new and we look forward to our next lesson!


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