7 Words Callers Want to Hear Over the Phone

You may be the greatest marketer in the world. Your ad campaigns draw HUNDREDS of incoming calls to your business every day. You had to triple your call center team to keep up with potential customers. Business is good.

But for some reason, your conversation rate still isn’t as high as it should be. You’re getting calls, but not closing deals. People love your product. Your prices are more than affordable. Nobody has to wait to speak to a representative. 

So, what’s the issue!?


Your call handlers aren’t using the right words.

It may seem silly, but remember: 80% of all business communication takes place over the phone. There’s a reason people call. They want to speak to a real person, and they want to be reassured that your product or service is the best for them.

These are the 7 words that callers want to hear from your business:


1. YOU

This is by far the most important word that should be thoroughly repeated during a phone conversation with a customer. They want to know that you care about their needs specifically. You are not trying to sell them on a product that ‘people’ need, or that ‘other businesses’ want. You’re trying to sell them on what they need. When they feel that you are addressing them individually, they will trust you. Which leads to our next word…



Trust is the core of every B2C relationship. If you gain a caller’s trust, you gain their business.Why? Because if a caller truly believes that a company wants to help them, and not just sell them, they will feel confident establishing a long-term relationship. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for at the end of the day? A long-term relationship? Or is that just me…



How do you gain a customer’s trust? You prove that your product or service will change their business for the better. This word is backed by science, data, testimonials, whatever true stories potential customers can relate to. After all if your product or service works, everybody should be using it.If you use and support this word with facts, a potential customer will want to work with you… fast.



Everything today is moving unbelievably fast. Technology. Transportation. Ideas. Research. People.If you can’t meet a caller’s demand quickly, they’ll hang up and call somebody else.That is why your call handlers need to convince callers that your product or service can get be implemented — or manufactured — or shipped — fast. Nobody likes to wait. And everybody likes to know their request is already underway.



Another 4-letter word that tickles a customer’s fancy is more. Every hear the saying, “More is always better?” Well that may not always be true, for example, don’t say the phrase “more money” to a customer unless they’re the ones making it. But in a lot of other scenarios, more is really better. More features. More calls. More profit. More time to focus on other areas of business. More customers. More bang for your buck. If a caller feels like they’re getting MORE than what they originally anticipated, you’re in a great position.



John Lennon may have made this word famous in song, but businesses can benefit from using it nonetheless. Imagine your consumer base growing 400%. Imagine your product on every billboard in America. Imagine spending less money, and getting more customers. Imagine all the people, living for today. OK that last one was John. But you get the point. If customers’ can imagine a world where your product or service enhances their business, they’ll want to live in that world.



And last, my personal favorite. Love. Don’t laugh. And don’t tell a caller you love them. Unless they say it first. What was that secret ingredient your mom used to cook dinner with when you were a kid? That’s right, love. 


And that should be your company’s secret ingredient as well.

Your call handlers should love making customers happy. 

They should love how incredible your product or service is.

And your callers should hear just how much other customers love your brand as well.

These are just seven of the hundreds — if not thousands — of words that you should be using when you communicate with callers. 

If you aren’t using the right words and phrases, (that’s a whole nother article), you will lose business and deter people from calling again.

Thank you for reading. We love you! 

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