Does Everyone Need Call Tracking? Let’s check out 9 Types of Businesses That Prove Call Tracking Works!

Calls are still the predominant source of leads, even in this age of the internet. Before you say people are not interested in calling you, consider the following:

  • 65% of businesses say phone calls are their #1 source of quality leads
  • 43% of conversions from search engines happen over the phone
  • 61% of local mobile searchers decide to call

You cannot undermine the importance of phone calls when it comes to scoring qualified leads. But do you know exactly where your leads are coming from? If you don’t, then you’re the perfect candidate for phone call tracking aka business call tracking.

Why Should You Consider Phone Call Tracking?

Let’s say you’re running a marketing campaign for your hotel business. You launch several ad campaigns including:

  • TV ads
  • PPC ads
  • Billboard ads
  • Social Media ads

Now you start getting more calls as a result, but you still don’t know which of those ads are leading to calls. With the help of phone call tracking, you can zero in on the ad campaigns that result in the most calls. Moreover, you can also track the types of calls from campaigns that generate sales.

The insights from call tracking will help you create more effective campaigns with higher rates of conversions.

What Benefits can Your Business Derive from Call Tracking?

You probably have some sort of tool that measures how many people visit your website. That information helps, but what about the people who call you? These callers have a much higher chance of conversion – almost 5 to 10 times higher than web forms!

If you want to measure call conversions, call tracking is the way to go. Here are some more benefits to your business with call tracking:

Know What’s Working

Call tracking helps you locate the campaigns that are working and bringing you leads. You can also know the campaigns that don’t perform up to your expectations.

Eliminate the Guessing Game

Don’t depend on gut feeling to assess your campaigns. Use the concrete data provided by call tracking to accurately tie your leads and types of phone calls to their sources.

Establish ROI

You need to be sure you’re getting returns from your advertising dollars. You can establish your ROI and even prove it to your boss based on data derived from call tracking.

Save Money

Call industries and businesses use call tracking to determine their best campaigns. As a result, you can stop spending on ineffective campaigns and concentrate on effective ones.

Smart Decisions

The insights from phone calls and call tracking help you create effective marketing campaigns. You can use the data from phone tracking to refine ad copy, optimize keywords, improve landing pages and more!

Easy Integrations

Call tracking solutions can be easily integrated with CRM, Google Analytics and other applications. The setup can offer a seamless view of your campaign performance.

Advantages of call tracking

Now, let’s explore some industries that can benefit immensely from call tracking.

1. Hospitality and Tourism

When was the last time you booked a hotel without calling? Never, right?

Most of us will call the hotel to confirm details while booking a room. The same applies to tourism and travel – you call to find out dates, rates and other specifications. That means calls are crucial for businesses in the hospitality and travel industry. And you need to track those calls to determine where your reservations are coming from!

2. Home Services

Businesses in the home improvement sector will surely benefit a great deal from call tracking, especially those investing in digital marketing. Your customers will generally locate you from search engine ads and call the source or your company number. All of the planning, like establishing the date and time of a job, also happens over the phone.

So plumbers, electricians, painters, home cleaners and others in home services need call tracking to find out the ads, campaigns and keywords that bring them the most business.

3. Education

Education can be considered one of the most important for call tracking because it deals with so many calls from inquisitive students and parents. Whether it’s a school, college or university, you will get several calls inquiring about admission procedures, fees, hotel accommodation, courses and more.

Unless you know which ads or campaigns triggered those calls, you can’t invest smartly in your marketing efforts. So call tracking is extremely crucial for the education industry.

Students celebrating graduation

4. Real Estate

Real estate is an industry where all deals are closed face-to-face or over the phone. Nobody really likes to fill out a web form or press a “Buy Now” button when they are looking for homes or properties. If you are in real estate, it makes sense to use call tracking to close deals.

You will naturally receive an abundance of calls, and call tracking can help you determine the quality of those inbound leads.

5. Healthcare

Website conversions are really rare for businesses in healthcare. Everybody will certainly make a call to make appointments or find out about your services, whether you run a hospital, chamber, or doctor’s clinic. That means you should have an online presence, at least on Google, and have a plan to capture your calls. And what can be easier than using a reliable call tracking solution like CallGear!

6. Automobile

Businesses in the automobile industry can’t do without phone calls. You are certainly going to call the showroom and enquire about the price or discount. The same goes for those in automobile repair – someone finds your ad during an online search and calls your number.
Phone calls are vital whether you have a car showroom, body shop, garage, or just sell insurance. Call tracking is an obvious answer to discover qualified leads and make the most of your PPC campaigns.

7. Finance and Mortgage

Nobody makes a financial decision just by viewing an online ad. They will certainly want to speak with an expert before they opt for the loan or decide to open an account with your bank. Unless you’re tracking your phone calls, you will never be able to gauge the effectiveness of your paid marketing.

You can also track the keywords and determine the ones that bring in the most customers.

8. Legal

Legal firms and attorneys compete fiercely on search engines to gain visibility. Naturally, cost-per-click is huge and you need to spend considerably to acquire a customer. Call tracking should come naturally to those in the legal realm to determine the best channels for customer acquisition.

Legal firms and attorneys

9. SaaS

SaaS or software-as-a-service companies have a complex and lengthy sales cycle. Your potential customers are going to call you before the deal is closed. Nobody will press the “subscribe now” button, especially B2B clients. When phone calls are such an integral part of your sales process, you really can’t afford to miss out on call tracking.


Call tracking is not a choice anymore! It has become a need for any business that invests in advertisements (online and offline), digital marketing, SEO and other marketing efforts. Call tracking will tell you which searches and campaigns are driving the most conversions, bringing in the most calls and leads, and ultimately, determine your marketing success. It’s a must for creating effective campaigns that generate your target ROI.

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