5 Problems Small Marketing Agencies Face Without Call-Tracking

If you are a small marketing agency, a local marketing agency, or even a one-person marketing shop, you understand the fear of losing your clients to the ‘big guys’.


“I’m sorry they’re just a little more established.”

“But they have an entire team working with me!”

Or the most common…

“They’re using this incredible call-tracking software and bringing me MORE clients and having me spend LESS money!”

OK I might have made that last one up… but if you’ve read any of our previous articles, you’ve learned the importance of call-tracking and being able to analyze calls from your digital ads.

As Search Engine Land puts it, “While you have access to end-to-end customer journey data and attribution from purely digital campaigns, the data trail goes cold when your customer picks up the phone.” 

I can bore you with reason after reason of the benefits of offering call-tracking as a service to your clients, but instead, I’m going to tell you how — for lack of a better term — SCREWED, you are without it. 

Here are 5 MAJOR problems marketing agencies face without call-tracking (And why your clients end up going with the ‘big guys’).

1. Your clients miss out on calls – and subsequently business.

When your clients do not utilize call-tracking software, they are unable to track missed calls. That means every single call that isn’t answered, is completely lost. 

They do not have the option of Web2Call, a call-tracking feature that instantaneously allows you to call back a potential customer, anytime, anywhere.

They do not have data on who is calling, when, and from where.


Potential customer after potential customer left waiting on the other line… until they decide to call somebody else. 

2. Your clients can’t separate call sources.

Without call-tracking, your clients don’t have a constantly updating in real-time dashboard that tells them which advertisement sources are generating specific calls.

Every single ad, whether offline or online, is blended into one number that makes zero sense. What was the point in investing in newspapers? Why bother showing up on Google Search? 

When you aren’t able to apply virtual numbers to each individual ad and collect data that will redefine your marketing campaign, you are operating extremely inefficiently. And nobody wants that.

3. Your clients don’t know which keywords & digital ads WORK.

Once you have the ability to analyze which call sources are effective in garnering leads, your call-tracking software will provide you with a full report on which ads to focus on and retarget.

If your digital ad is doubling your offline ad performance in the inbound call department, then shift your marketing plan around that ad. 

If your Facebook ad has led to one phone call over the last month (I really hope that’s not the case), it’s time to try something new. Cut it, reshape it, reword it, anything else.

Without call-tracking your clients can’t optimize their ad campaigns. So why should they work with you?

4. Your clients are OVERSPENDING – and they know it.


Because your clients can’t see which ads lead to inbound calls, they end up spending an equal amount of money across all marketing efforts. 

A thousand bucks for Yellow Pages.

A thousand bucks for a billboard.

A thousand bucks for Instagram.


But if they could see that each ad has its own unique performance, some for the better, some for the worse, they could start spending money on the best ads, and stop spending money on the bad ones.

Isn’t it ironic? Implementing call-tracking actually SAVES your clients money.

5. Your clients can’t improve their customer service.

And last but not least, without call-tracking software your clients do not have access to call-recording and monitoring. 

They won’t be able to have their salesperson test out different scripts or pitches to find out which closes the most deals.

They won’t be able to hear customer questions, wants, and needs, to understand the life of their customer and how to retain them.

Your clients won’t know their customers. And therefore, their growth will be hindered.

And it’s all because you don’t offer call-tracking in your marketing plan.


You need to give your clients confidence, and that stems from being able to prove your value. Implementing call-tracking is vital to generating leads, and your clients barely have to lift a finger to integrate.

Business 2 Community makes a great point, “It will not change your current system.

You can use your existing campaigns, and optimizing techniques. With call tracking you are just getting more data to see what is and is not effective.”

Not sure which call-tracking software to use? Give ours a try today.

CallGear is an online service that shows where the phone leads come from. With CallGear dashboards you monitor and report your performance in real time. It could be any information like call duration, lead type, lead source or even a reason why the call was missed. 

Clear and simple real-time reporting, call insight with Speech Analytics, and AI powered SmartTag for Inbound Call Qualification.

Whether you’re a realtor, travel agent, car dealer, petcare provider, chiropractor, or anything and everything in between… better understand your customers. Save money on ads. And make money on conversions. Call insights will make you happy. 100% Guaranteed. 

Find a software that allows your business to be there for your customers. 

The phone is ringing… are you going to pick it up? (Figuratively speaking of course, I know you will physically pick up the phone if it’s ringing).


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