Even the Smallest Real Estate Brokers Need Call-Tracking

Although we live in an age where pretty much anything can be ordered online, there are still industries that will forever initiate business over the phone.

For example, no one is going to adopt a child by scrolling through images of potential candidates and clicking an ‘order now’ button.

The soon-to-be parents will call the adoption service to hear a trustworthy source relay vital information that will change their lives forever.


And of course, these individuals will be certain to meet the child before the paperwork is finalized, and discuss in intricacy with the team the responsibilities they are about to take head on.


On a much less dramatic note but in a similar vein, homebuyers will never make their decision online.

As Wordstream puts it, “I can guarantee that you won’t be hopping on Google and hitting ‘buy now’ when it comes to real estate.”

So, what’s the point?

Because this is a phone-call driven industry, realtors need ample software to get the most out of their calls. And it starts with call-tracking.

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you understand the basic gist of what call-tracking can do for your business.

Now let’s apply that to real estate. 

What are some of the biggest issues realtors face when trying to prospect calls?

According to our research, these are the 3 biggest reasons real estate brokers miss out on business over the phone:


We’ve all heard this conversation. 

A: “What are you going to say on the phone?” 

B: “Oh, I don’t know, I’ll just wing it.” 


That might work when you’re selling knock-off Rayban’s, but when it comes to a house? 

You need a different plan for inbound calls, outbound calls, follow-ups and closing calls.


With call-tracking software, you can record and monitor every conversation to discover what does and doesn’t work. You can develop and test pitch scripts, see which talking points spark the most interest, and understand exactly what triggers a customer to make a decision.


If you have a sales team working under you, you can track their progress and see who is delivering the best results and reshape a sales plan based on your findings.

Every piece of data will be stored, analyzed, and reported back to you, boss.


You miss a call here and there, no big deal, right? Hopefully they’ll leave a voicemail, or call back when you happen to be in the office, right? 


The study , on telephone communications and business, reports “Roughly 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back.”

You do the math.


With proper call-tracking software, you may never miss a call again. Thanks to Web2Call, every single call that comes in to your office will alert you or a sales member’s cell phone instantaneously, allowing them to transfer that call in real-time.

It also allows potential clients to fill in their phone number online, and send you a notification to make the perfectly-timed outbound call. Easy peasy. 


What does your ad game look like? Do you have digital ads with beautiful pictures of homes for sale? Is your logo and company name on shopping carts in the local grocery store?

The final issue we see amongst realtors is paying for all sorts of ads and not tracking which ones are generating calls. WHERE the heck are the calls coming from? And WHY the heck are people calling? 

Call-tracking software applies virtual numbers to every single ad both online and offline. All you have to do is jump into your easy-to-use dashboard that provides daily reports on how each ad performs and voila! 


Shopping cart phone number: 125 calls

#1 Digital ad phone number: 435 calls

#2 Digital ad phone number: 12 calls

Now that you realize that #2 digital ad isn’t performing well, you can cut it, retarget it, or change it completely. Whatever you think is best.


What does this mean for your business? Not only are you focusing on ads that WORK, you are cutting wasted spend. More customers, less money.

With your dashboard, you will be able to track every call, contact, lead, ad, and the success rate of each one.

As Wordstream states, “65% of businesses consider phone calls to be their most valuable, highest quality source of leads.”

That is why Wordstream includes real estate as one of their ‘The 10 Types of Business that MUST Use Call-Tracking’ (Article HERE).


Not sure which call-tracking software to use? Give ours a try today.

CallGear is an online service that shows where the phone leads come from. With CallGear dashboards you monitor and report your performance in real time. It could be any information like call duration, lead type, lead source or even a reason why the call was missed. 


Clear and simple real-time reporting, call insight with Speech Analytics, and AI powered SmartTag for Inbound Call Qualification.

Whether you’re a realtor, travel agent, car dealer, petcare provider, chiropractor, or anything and everything in between… better understand your customers. Save money on ads. And make money on conversions. Call insights will make you happy. 100% Guaranteed. 


Find a software that allows your business to be there for your customers. 

The phone is ringing… are you going to pick it up? (Figuratively speaking of course, I know you will physically pick up the phone if it’s ringing).  

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