3 Ways the BIGGEST Realtors in the World Depend on Call-Tracking

Every sales job comes down to people. No matter the hierarchy, no the matter the position, no matter the industry. If you need to close a deal, you need the right person for the job.


If you read our last article on how small players in the real estate industry need call-tracking, then you understand the importance for small businesses to track digital ads, missed calls, and customer feedback.

But call-tracking isn’t just for vital for small businesses. The largest property owners, managers, and sellers in the market utilize the best call-tracking software.


Because these giants need optimization on all fronts to truly succeed as a business.

How does a franchise like UPS maintain their reputation? Or Old Navy? Or even a food franchise like Dominos?

They have perfected their process. Every inch of supply chain, every word searched on Google, every customer journey. The amount of data accumulated by these companies and the in-depth analysis OF said data has established each as a dominant force in their respective industry.


So, when it comes to Real Estate, an industry that has and forever will depend on the phone call, HOW do they collect essential customer data and HOW do they optimize every facet of their company to be more efficient with time, money, and customer conversions?



Here are 3 ways big realtors depend on call-tracking to be successful.

1. Training the Perfect Sales and Service Team

Any large company will tell you the same thing. It begins with the people on the ground-level. Those employees who are working their butts off communicating with potential and current customers and representing the company to the best of their ability.

But how do your sales and customer service teams get to that point? How do they know what to say? How do they know how to respond to unique customer behavior? 


With call-tracking, you can record, monitor, transcribe, and analyze every conversation that an employee has with a customer. You can use that communication data to measure success rates per call, customer wants, needs, and craft the perfect pitch to use as a baseline.

It’s all about consistency. When every employee is on the same page in regard to communication, you create a fluid dynamic between your sales and customer service teams.


When you understand exactly WHY a customer ends up working with your company, (or choosing to seek work elsewhere), you can store that data and adjust your sales and marketing behavior going forward. This leads to our next section…

2. Understanding Customer Journey

Who is your target customer? What is their demographic? Where do they reside? What are they looking for? Why did they call you? Why did they call back? Why didn’t they?

There a million more questions realtors ask themselves when trying to understand their customers. And the only way to answer those questions is by tracking the customer journey from an initial call to an action, whether it be closing a deal or parting ways.


With call-tracking, every single call is stored, tracked, analyzed, and placed into a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard that tells you everything you need to know about a potential customer.

Once you discover WHERE these customers found your company, WHICH number they called, WHY they called you specifically, and HOW to sell them on using your real estate services, you can start building a customer database and truly realize what direction your business should be heading in. Which appropriately leads to our last section…

3. Repeating and Retargeting Successful Ads

You have trained the perfect sales and customer service teams. They have mastered the company script, they are giving your brand a consistent image. You are starting to understand your customers, who they are, what they want from you.

Now it’s time to address how to market to those customers. And that comes down to a simple question: How do I know which advertisements are working? 


With call-tracking, you can assign a virtual number to each advertisement you invest in, both online and offline. That means whether your ad pops up on Google, Facebook, a newspaper, a billboard, or a shopping cart, you will know the exact source that triggered a phone call. 


When you are able to determine which ads work and which do not, you can focus your money on repeating and retargeting successful ads, and cut wasted spend. 

To put it simply, call-tracking brings in more business and saves you more money.



So, if you own, manage, or work at a realty or property company, you’ve come to the right place. 

Call-tracking is how you optimize.

Call-tracking is how you succeed.


Not sure which call-tracking software to use? Give ours a try today.

CallGear is an online service that shows where the phone leads come from. With CallGear dashboards you monitor and report your performance in real time. It could be any information like call duration, lead type, lead source or even a reason why the call was missed. 


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Whether you’re a realtor, travel agent, car dealer, petcare provider, chiropractor, or anything and everything in between… better understand your customers. Save money on ads. And make money on conversions. Call insights will make you happy. 100% Guaranteed. 


Find a software that allows your business to be there for your customers. 

The phone is ringing… are you going to pick it up? (Figuratively speaking of course, I know you will physically pick up the phone if it’s ringing).


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