What is PPC Call Tracking and How do you use It – A Complete Guide

PPC, or pay-per-click ads, are extremely effective in driving quality traffic to your business. 65% of all clicks from potential buyers stem from paid ads. PPC also generates a positive ROI, giving nearly $2 back for every dollar spent on Google ads.

It’s no doubt PPC is effective, which is why you need to measure the success of your PPC campaigns. You need the right data to ensure that your ads are performing as per expectations and bringing in your target ROI. Google Analytics and other options can help you out, but can only go as far as tracking clicks!

So how do you track the leads who call you instead of clicking on your ads?

The answer lies in using a call tracking solution. You need to leverage PPC call tracking and get a range of valuable data. Today, we’ll tell you the benefits of PPC call tracking and how to use it in all of your campaigns.

What is PPC Call Tracking?

Call tracking allows you to track the source of your incoming leads. You can assign unique phone numbers to each of your ads with the help of dynamic number insertion. When someone calls the number, it is automatically forwarded to your business phone. This way, you know which ads are generating the most calls, and which are not.

The same principle can be applied to PPC. Call tracking solutions like CallGear can assign separate PPC phone numbers to each of your ads or landing pages. When users dial a specific PPC phone number, you immediately know which ads the calls originated from.

PPC call tracking

How does PPC Tracking Work?

The best way to track PPC is to use a reliable call tracking solution like CallGear. You’ll get a pool of numbers to use on your ads. Each ad will have a unique number which is based on:

  • Location of the caller
  • Touchpoints, such as landing pages or web pages
  • Referral point of specific PPC ads
  • Target keywords

You can set up PPC call tracking within minutes, without the need of extra hardware. Then, you see where your calls arrive from and determine your best-performing ads. It’s that simple.

The Benefits of PPC Numbers and PPC Tracking

Most customers still prefer to call a business when they are in the buying process.

How customers take action

That means you need to collect as much data as possible from your PPC ads. PPC call tracking offers several benefits, such as:

Source of the Call

You can trace the call back to the specific ad. There’s no need to ask the customer how they came to you, you will automatically see it in your dashboards.

Test Ads and Landing Page Performance

PPC tracking helps you test the effectiveness of landing pages or ads. You can easily find out which pages or ads are bringing the most calls.

Create Ad Schedules

You can track the day and time of the call. Based on the information, you can determine the best time to show your ads.

Track Keywords

PPC numbers help you track exact keywords that initiated the call. You can then focus on the most effective keywords in future campaigns.

Determine Demographics

You can also get information on user demographics. Knowing things like age, gender and location of your callers enables you to understand your potential customers and target your audience more accurately.

Overall Campaign Success

PPC tracking can give you a picture of your overall campaign performance. You can track the conversions from each campaign and make smart decisions about future campaigns and ad budgets.

You don’t need to make any extra effort to set up PPC tracking when you use a quality call tracking solution like CallGear. The software easily integrates with popular platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads and helps you track your conversions with ease.

If you want to set up PCC numbers manually for Google Ads, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign up for a Google Adwords account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Call Extension’ Tab (click ‘Campaigns’ choose your campaign or Ad Group)
  3. Click on ‘Ad extensions’
  4. Select ‘View: Call extensions’ (left side of the page) and click on ‘Call extensions’
  5. Add your phone number
  6. Click ‘+ Extension,’ choose your campaign and select ‘Done’
  7. You will see a new box called ‘New Phone Number’
  8. Change the settings of your phone number if required
  9. Press ‘Save’

Google Adwords interface

How to Set Up PPC Call Tracking for Bing Ads

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up PPC tracking for Bing Ads:

  • Sign in to your Bing account
  • Click on ‘Ad Extensions’
  • Choose ‘Create ad extension’
  • Provide your local or toll-free number
  • Press ‘Save’

How to Use PPC Call Tracking: Top Tips

Now we’re going to present some helpful tips that will allow you to make the most of your PPC call tracking.

  • Use local numbers to increase conversions if you are a local business
  • Figure out combinations that work (keywords, ad copy, landing pages) and repeat them
  • Use different numbers for each ad to track conversions effectively
  • Employ call agents who are skilled at closing deals
  • Refrain from using Google Forwarding numbers and Bing numbers for professional reasons

How to Choose a PPC Call Tracking Provider

Look for the following for best results:

  • Options for integrating with Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Ability to track call conversions through keywords
  • Features to measure call volume and call duration
  • Options for call recording and speech analytics
  • Ability to track calls by source (useful for social media campaigns like Facebook ads)

You can check out CallGear call tracking software for tracking PPC ads. It’s easy to use and needs only a few minutes to set up with Google or Bing ads. You can also enjoy advanced features like speech analytics and custom reporting for valuable insights into your PPC campaigns.

Final Thoughts

PPC call tracking is indispensable for businesses that use any form of digital marketing. PPC numbers help you determine the source of your calls to analyze the performance of your PPC ads. You will also collect a plethora of data and insights to improve your campaigns, increase conversions, and generate your target ROI.

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