Marketing Agencies in the UAE have difficulty succeeding without Virtual PBX

If you’re a marketing agency in the UAE, you know two things are true:

  1. 1. Competition is fierce.
  2. 2. Clients need to earn your trust, FAST.

It all comes down to how you conduct your business. How quickly are your returning leads or clients phone calls? How long are you making callers wait? Is your team prepared to handle an abundance of calls? Do they know the right things to say over the phone?

I know, I know. That’s a lot.

But with CallGear Virtual PBX, we make it simple. All of the questions, and more, are answered. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

Let us explain.

CallGear VPBX is a communication system that allows marketing agency companies in the UAE to manage their entire phone system in one easy-to-use place, without heavy, expensive hardware, and without a headache.

We ensure that every phone call to your business is appropriately handled, transferred, recorded, stored, organized, and analyzed. That’s every call, every lead, every business opportunity.

It has unbelievable advantages such as Call Recording, Auto Callback, Smart Distribution, CRM integration, and overall Sales Management.

But first, let’s take a step back.

What is a PBX?

PBX is short for Private Branch Exchange. This is just a fancy name for a private telephone network used within a company for inbound or outbound calls. Your company most likely uses a PBX as its primary communication system.

The major benefit of PBX is it allows companies to have more phones than physical phone lines, meaning you don’t have to set up an actual phone every time you add a new number for an employee or a department.

Basic but essential features of a PBX include: voicemail, call recording (which we’ll discuss later on), interactive voice menus, call queues, and the ability to transfer calls between phones in the system.


What is Virtual PBX?

While traditional (AKA On-Premise) PBX relies on physical equipment and systems that have to be set up at your company’s location, virtual (AKA cloud) PBX relies on the internet, which means the system lives entirely on the cloud.

It’s easier and cheaper to set up and can be scaled with the click of a button. That means when YOU grow, your system grows WITH you. Quickly and efficiently.

We know what you’re thinking… how will this sync with all my other business tools!?

With CallGear VPBX, we can integrate with your CRM, sales, and/or marketing tools to help organize and qualify every lead in one place.

We’re all on the same team and finding the tools that work best together is a CallGear specialty.

5 Pains Virtual PBX (VPBX) Solves for Marketing Agencies

1. You have no way to track or monitor the activity of the sales team.

Agencies depend on their sales managers to close deals. You may have an effective marketing campaign, your phone may be ringing off the hook, but if your call handlers aren’t responding on time, or giving that amazing final pitch, you’ll lose business.

So… how do you learn how well your sales team is performing? How do you discover sales pitches that work? Where do you find the employees that bring in the most clients?

With CallGear VPBX software, you can know exactly how many dials & minutes every single sales manager makes per day. You can track and organize their leads, success rate, and analyze their most effective conversations through Call Recording and Speech Analytics.

Speaking of Call Recording… the next pain for your agency is…

2. You don’t record calls to properly analyze conversations.

Call Recording is one of the most critical features CallGear provides.

By recording your conversations with customers, you can learn which sales members and which sales pitches make you the most money.

With this information, you can optimize your time, learn valuable insight into your business, and use it to retrain your team. Get rid of any ineffective pitches, sales keywords, or even employees.

You’ve listened to your team, now it’s time to listen to your callers.

By recording calls to your company, you can discover exactly what callers want, how they behave, or if they have an issue, without having your call handler have to frantically take notes or try to memorize information.

After every call, you can analyze the call recording and strategize accordingly. Are most callers asking about a specific part of your service? What is your main selling point? Wait, what did ‘Caller A’ want again? Learn your target audience, and how to better market to them.

But before you record calls… you have to make sure you answer them.

3. You don’t respond to missed inbounds calls in time.

Is your agency spending a lot of money on marketing to get expensive leads, but then you don’t even respond to them!?

Do you wish there was an easier way to process applications and call potential customers on time?

There is.

Callgear’s Auto Callback feature in the VPBX connects you to a lead over the phone in seconds, you just have to pick up.

The Auto Callback service will allow you to instantly process every application form on your website. Within 30 seconds, or at a scheduled time, one of your team members will automatically connect to a lead over the phone.

How does that work!?

Through the CallGear software, when a lead fills out an application form on your website, they can click to send a request to receive a call from your business.

The user decides when they want to receive a call back. Either right away, or later on.

If they choose to receive a callback immediately, your Virtual PBX system will call the lead, SIMULTANEOUSLY call the appropriate department or sales manager, and connect the two. If they choose to receive a callback at a scheduled time, the same exact thing will happen at the time specified.

With Auto Callback, you can respond quickly and appropriately to expensive leads, and stop wasting time and money on missed business opportunities.

But once you answer the call on time… you’ll need to connect the caller to the appropriate employee…

4. You can’t avoid putting callers on hold or transferring to multiple employees.

Introducing CallGear Smart Distribution.

Smart Distribution in the VPBX makes it easy to redirect calls to a specific department or person WITHOUT having to go through someone else or put someone on hold. Create ‘inbound call scenarios,’ where specific callers, or callers from specific locations, or using specific keywords, will be AUTOMATICALLY transferred to the correct person.

No more wasted time asking irrelevant questions. No more long waits. No more angry customers.

If that caller is a high-quality lead, CallGear will make note of that caller and make them a priority to your employees.

With leads to our last pain point…

5. You don’t have data on follow-up calls or existing leads in the pipeline.

How do you rank quality leads? Where are they stored? Do you know when to follow-up?

With CallGear VPBX, every call that comes in to your company will be stored in your CallGear dashboard. Information on each caller, including demographics, geographic location, history with your company, and more.

If someone has worked with an employee in the past, they will reconnect with them. If someone has shown interest in purchasing in the past, your employee will know it.

All of your leads will be organized and responded to appropriately.

Yes, everything we mentioned here can be achieved by using CallGear’s VPBX. This will help YOUR marketing agency company gain market share in the UAE by out-performing the competition. If YOU are the best communicator, you are the most profitable.

Handle calls the right way, and never miss a lead again.

Give CallGear a try today!

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